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How to Create Calendars in MS Excel 2013

Posted in Microsoft8 years ago • Written by Jenny AaronComments Off on How to Create Calendars in MS Excel 2013

Now you can satisfy your creative urge, by using some software to create your required stuff. Here, the people using MS Office 2013 are at advantage. Now you can use MS Excel 2013 for creating your desired official reports, book covers and also calendars. MS Excel 2013 can do all these for you. So, let’s see how you can use MS Excel 2013 for creating your desired calendars. You can not only use it for creating the the current year, but can  also use it  for creating the upcoming years. Below steps will guide you to go through the process.

Steps to Follow to Create Calendar in Excel 2013

Step 1: Open Excel! Where you will see the first option “File” at the very top left corner of the sheet. You just need to click the “File” option to open its menu. File Menu in Excel 2013-1 Step 2: Now in File menu you will view some options on the bar located on left side of the menu. Here you’ll  select the option “New” as it has been shown in the image below. New option in File Menu-2 Step 3: In the New menu you will see different wizards. Here you will find “Any year Calendar” that should be selected. The image below shows it the best, where the above-mentioned option can be seen circled. Any Year Calendar Tool in Excel 2013-3 Step 4: Now you will see a message that shows your desired template is downloaded. Click on the option “Create” once and your desired template will be downloaded. Create option for Calendar-4 Step 5: Now the calendar appears on your sheet. You need to format it according to your requirements. You can change the year by using the buttons shown in the below image. Calendar Formatting-5A Step 6: You can also change the color scheme of the Year that appears on the top of the calendar according to your desire. Calendar Formatting-5B Step 7: Even you can change the color scheme of the design appearing on the top of the calendar template. You need to take the mouse cursor on the design and press a right click to show the context menu. Here you need to click on the “Texture” option that appears at the bottom of the menu. Now you will see different textures and you can select a texture according to your requirements. Calendar Formatting-5C Now your Calendar is ready to be displayed. You can display it anywhere once it get printed. Create Calendar Final-6