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How to Save Files in PDF Format in MS Word 2013 [Guide]

Posted in Microsoft10 years ago • Written by Jenny AaronComments Off on How to Save Files in PDF Format in MS Word 2013 [Guide]

MS Word is one of the most wanted and the most commonly used program in every version of Office, but MS Word 2013 is getting more and more popular among the users because it has a lot of wonderful tools and features that were not present in previous versions of MS Office.

One of the advanced additions in MS Word 2013 is the creation and conversion of PDF file into Word documents and the conversion of Word documents into PDF files. The users need to use different tools to perform this task in other versions of MS Office, but MS Office 2013 gives a pleasant shock to the users by bringing this wonderful feature in it for the users who need to create PDF files time and again.

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Here you will know how to create a PDF File by using MS Word 2013 and how to convert a Word document into a PDF file in Word 2013. Although it seems a very technical and complicated task when you hear about it, but it is very easy even for a layman. So, let’s start the process of creating a PDF File in MS Word 2013.

Step 1: Open MS Word 2013 and open the document you need to convert into PDF file. Here, you need to click the category “File” that can be found at the very upper left corner of the Document you have opened before you.

MS Word Document-1Step 2: In the menu under the above mentioned category, there will appear some options where you need to select the option “Save As”. If you are preparing a new document, you need to select the “Save” option and if you want to convert a pre-existing MS Word document into a PDF file, you need to select the “Save As” option from the list.

Save As option in Word 2013-2Step 3: Now select the name of the file and from the below option you need to select “PDF” for your Word document. It will show you that your document is not a Word document now. It has been converted into a PDF file.

Save As PDF-3Step 4: Once you have done with it, a PDF file will open before you automatically. It is the same Word file that you had previously opened in MS Word 2013, but now it has been converted into a PDF file successfully.

PDF Document-4