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How to Set Colorful Email Background in Outlook 2013 [Guide]

Posted in Microsoft8 years ago • Written by Jenny AaronComments Off on How to Set Colorful Email Background in Outlook 2013 [Guide]

Outlook 2013 brings another wonderful feature for the users. Earlier, the users were not able to set a wonderful background in the emails they intend to send to their clients and loved ones. Now MS Outlook 2013 brings this amazing option for you. If you are in the favor of making your emails colorful, you would definitely prefer this feature introduced in Outlook 2013. Below is a step-by-step guide that allows you to set an amazing background in emails. You just need to follow them. It will not take much of your time. So, let’s start the process.

Setting a Background in Email in Outlook 2013 [Steps]

Step 1: First, You need to launch “Outlook 2013”. Here, you will find the “File” menu that should be clicked in order to move ahead.

File option in OutlookStep 2: Here in File menu, you will see some options on blue ribbon where you need to select “Options” as it has been shown in the image below.

File Menu in Outlook 2013Step 3: Once you click “Options”, you will see a number of options in the next window regarding General, Calendar, Task and Mail to the left side. You need to select “Mail” from the left pane and once you see the “Mail” options, you need to click on “Stationery & Fonts” to follow the further action.

Stationary and Fonts Option in MailStep 4: Now you will see the “Signature and Stationery” menu where you see two tabs. You need to select the “Personal Stationery” tab. Under this tab, there will appear an option “Theme”. Click this option for further action.

Signature and Stationery Menu for Themes in Email-3Step 5: Here you can see a wide range of Stationery and Themes that can be set as a background in any email in Outlook 2013. On the left side you will see the names of these themes while in the right pane you can preview them.

The preview will help you in selecting a perfect theme for your email’s background. Once you select a suitable theme for your email background, you need to click “OK” option that can be seen at the bottom of the window.

Selection of Theme for Email Background in Outlook 2013-2Step 6: Now you have selected your desired theme and it will not only the background of your current email, but every email you send to others. Open “New Email” to compose a message and to check whether the changes you made have taken place or not. Bravo! You can see a beautiful background in email.

Add Theme in Email in Outlook 2013