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RTIC VS. Yeti Coolers; Which one is the Best?

Posted in Reviews7 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on RTIC VS. Yeti Coolers; Which one is the Best?

In my previous post I wrote about RTIC cooler reviews and provided the best ones manufactured by RTIC, now there is a hot topic about competition between RTIC and YETI coolers. So I thought I should compare these two brands and it would help you to choose one.

The most sold coolers are RTIC and YETI Tundra 45, so I’ll compare their features and prices and will announce the winner at the end of the post. Stay tuned.

RTIC to Yeti Coolers

Yeti VS. RTIC Coolers


If you have a huge family and want to entertain all of them then you need a big one that has a large capacity to store ice and cans. Yeti Tundra allows you to store around 9.4 Gallons of water and 35 lbs of ice, while RTIC 45 stores 11.25 gallons of water and upto 40 lbs of ice.

Winner: RTIC.


Sometimes size of the cooler also matters because people want to put fishes in them if they are fishing and also other birds if they are hunting. RTIC has a length of 26 inches and width of 16.5 inches while Yeti has 25.5 inches length and 16 inches width.

weight of Yeti is 23.5lb and RTIC has 25 lbs. Yeti is light weight but its dimension are also lower than RTIC so a 1.5lbs difference doesn’t matter here.

Winner: RTIC.


Most of the features are same of both coolers but RTIC has a easy lift lid handle while Yeti’s cooler doesn’t include it and carry it with heavy weight seems difficult.


This one will blow up your mind because there’s a huge difference among prices. RTIC is better in features and less in price. Yeti Tundra 45 is $349.99 and RTIC is $175 and Amazon gives discount on RTIC and it’s current price is $148. It means you can buy 2 RTIC 45 in $300 and one Yeti Tundra with less capacity and features is expensive than two RTIC 45.

Winner: RTIC.

I’d like to include your reviews of both brands in the above post if you’ve personally used both. You can leave your review in the comments section.

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