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Yeti Cooler 30oz Tumbler VS. Ozark Trail 30oz Tumbler

Posted in Reviews7 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on Yeti Cooler 30oz Tumbler VS. Ozark Trail 30oz Tumbler

The temperature of the environment has always been a modifying factor for the components of the environment. The temperature of the surrounding atmosphere whether, high or low has a noticeable effect on the internal temperatures of the available objects. But sometimes we need to maintain the temperature of an object within a particular range. A cup of hot tea will apparently turn into a drink with mild heat soon after its exposure to an atmosphere with lower temperature range.

Similarly, a cold drink will soon be converted into a comparatively high tempered liquid after taking it out of the refrigerator. So there should be some a source which can make it possible to store a cold or hot drink for a longer period. Various firms have presented thermostatic tumblers to achieve this task. Among these all, Yeti Cooler Tumbler and Ozark trail tumbler are the relevant products available in the market.

I order to compare them both I will choose their 30 oz. products among their various products with versatile size ranges presented to the market. This comparison is described regarding their certain attributes in detail as;

  1. Overview

Yeti Cooler 30oz tumbler is a smart sort of product. This can maintain thermostatic conditions for various drinks for a prolonged period. It needs hand wash only and no dishwashers for its cleaning. In contrast, 30oz Ozark Trail tumbler is something unique that can offer a temperature maintenance for a period ranging from few hours to several hours.

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  1. Tumbler Walls

Yeti Cooler 30oz tumbler is composed of double walls, made up of stainless steel with vacuum in between them. While in the case of 30oz Ozark Trail tumbler, the walls are designed of high-quality stainless steel double walls, that is surely good effort to control the temperature variation.

  1. Dimension

30oz Ozark Trail tumbler has a circular length of 4.1 inches from top till bottom with a height of 7.9 inches. Yeti Cooler 30oz tumbler is attributed comparatively with a broader available internal space and longer height with the dimensions of 8.5×4.5×4.5 inches which is a plus point for this product as compared to that manufactured by  Ozark Trail.

  1. Weight

Heavyweight objects are desperate to be carried. Daily use objects like tumblers must have a lighter weight. Surprisingly in spite of having variable dimensions, both of the products have similar weights. Both of the manufacturers have designed products worth 1.1 ounces. It means that Yeti Cooler Tumbler has an advantage over 30oz Ozark Trail tumbler due to having lighter weight.

  1. Variety in Colors

Ozark Trail vacuum 30oz tumblers are available in 4 types of colours i.e. Black, Orange, Silver and Light Blue. Yeti Cooler 30oz tumbler has an advantage over it with having more number of colours available. They are offering White, Teal, Pink, Black Stainless Steel and Camo colours.

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In short, it can be concluded that both of the products 30oz Ozark Trail tumbler, as well as Yeti Cooler 30oz tumbler, are the ones with comparable qualities and attributes. Both offers well-furnished services on temperature maintenance.