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Why Jailbreak iPhone? 11 Reasons to Clarify

Posted in iOS9 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on Why Jailbreak iPhone? 11 Reasons to Clarify

Lets start with a very clear introduction to Jailbreak. What it is really? What’s this term used for in iOS world?

According to Wikipedia:

Jailbreaking is the process of removing hardware restrictions on iOS, Apple’s operating system, on devices running it through the use of software exploits; such devices include the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and second-generation Apple TV.

As the original iPhone came out in 2007. Soon, the hackers (developers) released the first ever Jailbreak for iOS 1.1.1. It was called JailbreakMe. Since then, many hackers groups jumped into this field and brought various jailbreaks to the market.

Taig, Pangu, EvasiOn (by Evad3rs) are most popular jailbreak tools available. Okay, so you got a very clear perspective on what jailbreak really is. But you probably are thinking that why the heck it is so useful. So lets break it down into some very clear points which show us the usefulness of the jailbroken device.

1. Tons of Themes

iOS’ restriction on their themes may sound clunky to some people. Most of the people like to play with their phone customization and colors. But that’s not possible to do on a non-jailbroken device. iPhone certainly not allows anyone to do it. But if you have a jailbroken device, you can do tons of additional themes. Even control center and notification panel can be modified. You can have lot of variations in choosing themes.

2. Control Center Modifications

Okay, let me get straight with the Apple guys here. What on Earth made you think that only 5 basic toggles and the music bar would do the job for most people? There is not even option of turning on/off data connection. This was the most annoying experience I had on iOS 8. But jailbreak solved this problem for me. CCControls is a wonderful tweak out there to solve this problem for you. This tweak can customize control center and add upto 20 toggles.

3. Paid Stuff For Free

Yeah, I know it’s unethical to pirate someone’s hard work. But this is the main reason due to which most of the people opt for jailbreaking their devices. With jailbroken device, you can almost install 99% stuff for free which is paid on the app store. You just need to jailbreak iDevice and have Cydia installed. After that, world of piracy is open to you.

4. Somethings’re not possible without Jailbreak

When I had non-jailbroken device, almost anything I wanted to do with my iPhone was only possible if I had jailbroken my device. I am not saying that iOS itself can’t do anything but it keeps you restricted to the limited world. There are many tweaks out there for the jailbroken device which can increase usefulness of iDevice. But installing tweaks wouldn’t be possible without jailbreak.

5. Creating WiFi Hotspot

This wasn’t the case with me but I heard that in some countries you are not allowed to create WiFi hotspots on your cellular connection. Fortunately, there are some good tweaks out there for jailbroken devices which can allow you to create personal hotspots.

6. Customized Typography

iOS’ default typography doesn’t seem a problem for me but if you are still facing troubles looking at your phone you can change your typography via some jailbreak tweaks. After that, you’ll be able to change the text style on Menu, Settings, Notification Panel, Control Center and even on lock screen. In short, everywhere!

7. Installing Apps Which Got Deleted from AppStore

Dudes at Apple’s Appstore sometimes get a little crazy over some apps in their Appstore, and they delete them from their store. But if those apps are your loved ones, you can still install them from Cydia or popular stores like Appcake after jailbreaking your device. The best example of the deleted app is Google Maps which was very dear to me. For some days I used iOS’ default maps but they were pretty shit for my country. So I searched for Google Maps in Appcake, gladly found them and installed them like a boss.

…I think Apple doesn’t know about Thug Life.


8.  Game Hacks

I recommend not doing this because these are the most evil things you can do being in a game. But if you still want thug life, and not good at playing without hacks or cheats on your iDevice. Then Jailbreak is the only possible solution for you. With Jailbreak, you can install almost every popular game’s hack from Cydia or from other after-jailbreak stores.

9. Moving Things Become Easy

Moving data between computer and iPhone was a scary thing for me and almost for every iPhone or any other iDevice user. But Jailbreak came out as a great solution for me. Moving things became easy. Also, if you have download apps from internet on your computer (also known as .ipa file, as there are .apk files on Android), you can install them on your iDevice by connecting it to computer with one click in iTunes.

10. No Cellular Data Caps in Appstore? Tweak it.

100Mb is the maximum file you can download while being on cellular connection. If there is any app above 100Mb that you want to download on cellular connection then it’s not possible. But I started loving 3G Unrestrictor from the same day I found it. It removes iOS scary 100Mb limit and makes your limited world unlimited.

11. Do Everything You Want to Do

Jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad or iPod creates a new world in your device. There are hundreds of possible things you can do in jailbroken device you could every have imagined. There is a tweak for almost every problem out there. Even a single tweak can make your life easy on iDevice.


In short, I love jailbreaking iDevices. And I will suggest everyone to do it unless you are pretty conscious about your phone’s health (For people only, whore are VERY VERY sensitive). But take my word. it not going to harm your device in any aspect. It just depends on how you use your device. Jailbreaking sets out a new world for you where you can do everything but make sure you do the right things, tweaks and any other sort of customization.