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How to Upload any Type of File to Box App’s Storage in iOS 7x [Jailbreak Tweak]

Posted in Apple7 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on How to Upload any Type of File to Box App’s Storage in iOS 7x [Jailbreak Tweak]

Now a days people are more conscious about their private data instead of their costly devices. Confidentiality of data has the ultimate importance and IT giants are spending billions of dollars on preserving their data. If you take Facebook as an example, it reserves 500TB of data per day on its servers. They are securing this huge amount of data in their secret storage, because they want to protect privacy of their users.

The previous paragraph was to explain that how much our personal data is important and because of this confidentiality factor people are spending lots of money on cloud storage. The major reason of using cloud storage is ease of access to data; data stored on cloud storage server can be accessed easily at anytime from anywhere.

To fulfill the lust of cloud storage, users’ of gadgets running Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux are using cloud storage apps.

Box cloud storage app is fairly popular among users of iDevices, Android and desktops. It provides 10GB of free cloud storage to its users and you can unlock the storage space by purchasing the pro package. As discussed earlier, box for iOS has a bottleneck that it only allows you to upload some specific format files that include pictures, videos and Microsoft documents.

How to Upload any Type of File with Box App on iOS 7x

Almost all major apps providing cloud storage don’t have the option to upload all types of files, so users’ freedom is limited even they purchase pro versions of these apps.

Suppose you’re a developer or any other technical person and want to save your important files by uploading it from your iDevice to Online cloud storage, it wouldn’t be possible for you without AllBoxed tweak. To get this tweak you must have a jailbroken device and you can jailbreak your iOS 7 and 7.1.x device with the help of evasi0n and pangu.

With the help of this AllBoxed tweak you can upload files from your downloads, recordings, books, purchases, radio and from any other folder. The tweak will create a folder this name “AllBoxed” in your box app and you’ll be able to upload any sort of file in the directory.

File Types Box iOS App

Uploaded Any File Extension

You can get this tweak from Bigboss repo in just $0.99. To find this on your iDevice, go to Cydia store, type AllBoxed in the search bar and install if after successful purchase.

For other cloud storage apps like mega, OneDrive, GoogleDrive and others, if you have any tweak or trick to upload all formats of files then let us know by commenting on this article; we shall love to share your thought.

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