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TTpod Music Player App for iOS 7 Works like a Music Social Network

Posted in Apple10 years ago • Written by Hammad Rafique2 Comments

Default music player app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can’t fulfil the needs of a music geek. You can’t perform advance things in the default music player app, because Apple’s software and hardware aren’t user-friendly always. That’s why Android is rocking in the markets.

TTpod Music Player homeMany music players are available in Apple’s app store, which provides different features in them, but almost all are in a close nutshell. These apps can’t give your music a social presence and users are just enjoying songs taken from online sources. Today I found another amazing Cydia app in my Cydia store named TTpod, which is also available in iTunes store.

Why TTpod?

iOS devices have built-in music player app, but something is unique in this app, which is discussed in the review below.

The app shows you local music songs, available already in your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and also those songs, shared by your friends on social network of this app. IOS default music app has equalizer to give sound effects to your songs, but TTpod gives your songs, better sound effects. Audio effects include normal, rock, pop, classic, dance, bass, vocal and personal.

Options in TTpodWifi Transfer and Sleep Timer

Another impressive feature is music transfer over wifi network. It gives you an IP address of your Wifi-network and you can upload any music via accessing that IP address. Also, there are available skins for TTpod, which are eye-catching.

Sleep option on this app, stops your running song after your pre-set time. You are just required to set your desired time and after reaching to that time, your music will be shut down.

Sleep and Wifi FeaturesYou can make a song favorite or create a favorite list by choosing your favorite songs. The download option is also available for users of selected countries, but I haven’t tested this feature yet. Also, after registering on this app, you can join music circles and you can share songs with others. It works just like music sharing social network. Songs download option is also available over the LAN network working via WiFi.

From the settings section, you can set audition quality, auto-down quality and also turn on/off playback control for Apple earpods. Other features in settings include display of mini lyrics, resuming the song on launching, shake to switch songs and landscape mode.

Settings for TTpodExcellent compatibility:

Its compatibility feature is tremendous, because this app supports sound formats including mp3, aac, wma, m4a, ape, cue, flac, wav, alac, lrc and trc. But you cannot play any video files in this TTpod iOS app.

How to Install it?

Open your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and tap on Cydia icon. Then go to the search bar and type “TTpod” in it, the app will be shown on the top. Jailed device users, simply click this link to get this app.