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How to Translate Documents into your Native Language in MS Word 2013

Posted in Microsoft8 years ago • Written by Jenny AaronComments Off on How to Translate Documents into your Native Language in MS Word 2013

There are a lot of changes the users will find in MS Word 2013. The changes are appreciated by the users as they were not expecting too many wonderful advanced tools in this latest update from Microsoft. MS Word allows you to review your documents according to your desired settings.

You can review the documents in your native language now. MS Word enables you to change the language of the documents you are reviewing and even you have recently prepared. If you have prepared your documents in your native language and now you need to present these documents in any other language of the world, you need a translator that could provide you a translated version of your documents in your required language.

MS Word helps you greatly in this context and provides you a tool to translate your documents within a few moments and you can easily present your documents in your desired language. This is how you can perform this task by following the easy steps given below.

Step 1: Prepare your document in MS Word to begin the process.

MS Word File-1Step 2: Now click the “REVIEW” option that can be seen on the Ribbon. In this option there will be a tool “Translate” in “Language” category as it has been clearly shown in the image below. You just need to hit that tool.

Translate Option in Word-2Step 3: A few options will appear before you, where you should select the first option if you want to translate the entire document in your desired language.

Translation Language Selection-3Step 4: Now you will see the window “Translate Language Option” where you need to set your required language in which you need to translate your documents and click “OK” at the bottom of the window.

Selection of your language-4Step 5: Here an option appears before you where you need to click “Send” as Word will send your document online to Microsoft Translator.

Translate Document-5Step 6: Once you select the above-mentioned option, you will see the translated version of your documents in the next window. You can copy the entire document in your required language.

Translated in Italian Language-6Note: If you want to translate only a few paragraphs of your documents into another language, you can also do so by following the second option in “Translate” category that says “Translate Selected Text”.