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SynciOS helps you to Transfer Media between iPhone and Windows

Posted in Apple10 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on SynciOS helps you to Transfer Media between iPhone and Windows

Today’s topic is about syncios which allows you to transfer music, videos, pictures, podcasts, ringtones from Windows to iPhone and iPhone to Windows PC. Compatible iDevices with syncios are iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, iPad mini and iPad 4. And compatible Windows versions are Windows 8.1, 8, 7, vista and XP. Syncios can also perform some tremendous tasks, which are explained below.

It’s our daily routine to capture videos, pictures and downloading songs to send them to your PC and share them on social media sites. Almost every phone available in the market has PC suite software to send and receive files between PC and phone. But the iPhone has an iTunes software to transfer data. It’s not possible to send and receive many essential files via iTunes, so I have found an excellent software named syncios to migrate data from iPhone to Windows PC or PC to iPhone.

iPhone connectedThis tool is compatible and working excellent on Windows. And you can transfer data including pictures, videos and music to iPhone and iPad. Not only transfer of data is the core of  syncios, but here are some services like

  • Installation and removal of Apps
  • Showing file system,
  • Transfer of ringtones, podcasts, Tv shows, Audiobooks, music videos, voice memos
  • Add and remove contacts
  • Real time logs
  • Clear cache
  • Restart & Shutdown from PC

Transfer Pictures to iPhone

The primary function of syncios is migration of pictures and videos to iPhone from Windows and vice versa. You are only required to press import and export buttons to transfer files.

Photo TransferTransfer Ringtones, Podcasts, Tv shows, Audiobooks, Music Videos, Voice Memos

The media section of this tool contains many options that are compatible with the iPhone and iPad too. Simply go to the media section of syncios and transfer Ringtones, Podcasts, Tv shows, Audiobooks, Music Videos, Voice Memos in just 2 clicks.

Transfer media

Installation and Removal of Apps

You can install or uninstall any app from your iPhone using syncios. You can get the app file directly to your PC and install it by selecting it. Also removal of any app is easy with syncios.

AppsFile System Access

In this section of the file system, you can see all files available on your device. For example if your iPhone is jailbroken then you can also see jailbreak data here and other files which are purely related to your system.

Note: Please do not remove any of these files, if you don’t have any experience regarding these all. In case of any loss of hardware and software, we are not responsible.

System filesAdd & Remove Contacts & Calls, Text Messages Logs

This feature is really excellent, you can add or remove your desired contacts by using this section. Also history of calls, text messages, bookmarks and notes can also be checked here in detail.

contacts and logsCovert Audio/Video Formats & Make Ringtones

You can convert your audio and video files available on your PC in iOS compatible formats. For videos, there are formats including MP4, M4V and MOV and these are compatible with all iDevices. And audio conversions contains MP3, M4A, M4R and CAF formats for iOS devices.

Audio, video converters

Covert to iOS formatOther Features

At last, there are some basic features which are not so important, but in some situations they can be helpful. These features include real-time logs, clear cache, crash reports, restart and shutdown iPhone. If your power button on the iPhone is not working, you can restart or shutdown it using syncios. Also real-time logs feature will show you complete details of processes running on your iPhone’s background.

other features

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