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How to Track and Control Android Phone with Anti-Theft Android App

Posted in Android10 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on How to Track and Control Android Phone with Anti-Theft Android App

Losing a phone is not an enjoyable experience for anyone.  It is not only a financial loss, but in most cases, also an emotional loss – nobody wants to lose something that has a meaning in their lives. And we all know the importance of our phones and other devices in life.

Today, with the miraculous inventions in the realm of information technology, the possibility of discovering a lost phone has been eradicated to great extents. Finding and tracking Android devices, controlling a phone remotely has been made possible through an Android application known as “Anti-Theft.”

Track and control your phoneInstalling the application on the Android device and going to, website page, the concerned device can be tracked if there is a signal, otherwise it can be controlled in numerous ways. Setting up a name in the application for the device, setting up a PIN in case the phone gets lost and confirming an authentic friend’s number leads to the activation of the application.

anti-theftIn such a case, when the device is lost, it can be tracked easily through the web browser. Or in other cases the authentic friends’ phone number given at the time of the application, can work as a mediator to track the device. The SMS can also be sent which leads to the lockdown of the phone or wiping the entire memory of the phone.

The memory can also be swept clean through the web browser. All the data can be made inaccessible to the other party by this simple and fast action. Mobile phones do not only possess personal text messages, but also pictures, videos, files and applications that might be deemed personal in most of the cases. Thus, protecting all of this information from the prying eyes of an intruder is a must-required action.

The screen can also be locked through the application, a siren sound can be played through the phone and the messages being received on that number can be forwarded to any other device. Anti-theft by Avast works as a charm to protect any Android device. The application has the power to remotely control the phone without letting the thief know what is going on. The entire phone can be secured or shut down without the thief even being slightly aware of it.

anti-theftThe advanced setting of the application, deliver a protective behavior regarding an option to deny program manager access, deny phone setting access, for custom lock text, automatically enable GPS, hide GPS icon, thoroughly wipe the phone.

The anti-theft application also works a filter to check the new applications that are being installed in the phone; any virus that is accompanying the application can be blocked with the help of this app.

Moreover, the application also possesses a feature to check for weekly updates and installation regarding the application. Anti-theft, with its numerous benefits and authenticity level in the arena of remotely tracking devices, is one of the best applications available. To secure your phone, the use of this app will be helpful in every manner.

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