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Make your Android’s Navigation & Look Astonishing with Toucher Pro App

Posted in Android11 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on Make your Android’s Navigation & Look Astonishing with Toucher Pro App

Toucher pro is an excellent android app, by which you can easily access all your Android apps, can create shortcuts and make various system switches. Also you can personalize your Android device by changing tab colors and also the option of customizing point size and panel size by performing some basic settings. Also get different types of awesome HD themes with it and easily go to back, home and access menu with virtual control features.

Toucher Pro iconThe complexity of technology was the fundamental aspect, which used to attract people some years ago. Entering the domain of a cellular phone and discovering a million things under one title, used to leave people dumbstruck and in awe of the device.  This element of surprise was the very thing that people yearned for. However, with the changing of time, people have started to show a trend inkling towards simplicity and straightforwardness. The complexity that inspired them is now considered as a put off in a device. Due to this transition towards easy and plain soft wares, the iPhone software along with its Assistive Touch was such a hit.

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People jumped on to the chance to use this Assistive Touch, which provided direct access to so many important things in one go. This change did not surpass the Android lovers, thus, keeping the needs of the market insight, a “Toucher Pro” for Android was introduced. The application uses the concept of the iPhone’s Assistive Touch and delivers its very own suspending point.

The suspending point can be moved to any part of the screen and no matter where the user is, the application will work its charm. Clicking on the Toucher Pro, there are four categories that can be accessed. The main home screen consists of a lock screen option, a refresh option, a folders box that outline the basic folders on the device, flashlight, a return path to the home screen of the device and to the application itself.

Toucher Pro ThemesThe next category consists of all the favorites; these favorites are automatically chosen apps that are most frequently visited by the user of the device. If the user wants to add more favorites, just by clicking the ‘plus’ sign more apps can be added. The third category comprises of “Switch”, the controller for all the basic setting of a device such as wireless and Bluetooth access, brightness control, volume control, battery settings and many other basic components of a device.  And the last category revolves around the current situation of the weather. The suspending point also delivers direct access to the phonebook and SMS Inbox.

In the context of all these great things about Toucher Pro, the best thing that can be deemed about the application is the availability of numerous themes. Amazing themes can be downloaded and applied to the device, and the most remarkable thing is that these Toucher Pro themes have customized suspending points, which have the capability of camouflaging according to the theme.

Toucher Pro ThemeThe electric Tour Toucher theme will provide everything in accordance with its theme; the Halloween Toucher theme will deliver the toucher Pro by using spooky ghosts, hats and castles to demonstrate the direct access controls. Other themes are conceptualized with Forests, Bars, a dark theme, technology based theme. There is a theme which is based on the latest iOS 7 too – the outlook is the same, and even the Assistive Touch is similar to an iPhone’s Assistive Touch.

The application has the remarkable quality of delivering great themes with an Assistive Touch that is in accordance with the concerned theme. The Toucher Pro point can be enabled or disabled according to the users’ own choice, the suspending point and the scroll settings can also be altered, not to mention the panel sizes.

The application with its numerous features and great display qualities can be used by any Android device, whether it is a phone or a tablet. The app works great on every device. Toucher Pro is a great gateway to avail the facilities of an iOS whilst remaining in the bounds of an Android. Any person, who yearns for a more direct access to the main settings of the device along with great themes, must try this application.

Toucher Pro Google Play Store

Toucher Google Play Store [Free Version]

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