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Top 5 Alternatives to Torrific for Torrent Download

Posted in Tools & gadgets10 years ago • Written by Hammad Rafique3 Comments

With the closing down of, people are looking for alternative services to continue downloading Torrents with IDMs. In this article, I have discussed five of the best sites as alternative to Torrific services.


ZbigZNext in line to Torrific is the ZbigZ that allows you to access a wide variety of torrents for all sorts of files including movies, videos, books, software etc. Most users find it beneficial especially if their computer has an ISP lock or other such restrictions. Also if you are using BitTorrent to torrent file, your identity and activity including downloads, are visible however using ZbigZ for downloads, you are hidden as ZBigZ does the work for you. All you have to do is upload the torrent to ZbigZ, wait for it to be cached and your download will be initiated.


Furk enables you to upload your files and leech them. You can then straight away download the file via direct link. Furk is particularly suitable for those who have slow internet issues but ones with faster services are also benefitted against throttling. All downloads are made using the HTTP ensuring higher speed and more user secrecy. On the downside, free users can download files of size 700 MB whereas only premium account holders are allowed unlimited downloads along with the freedom to use download managers. emerged as online cloud storage that fetches the torrents even from BitTorrents and streams them on your private online 50GB storage. The service also automatically follows your RSS feeds and stores all videos, audios etc. From that feed. Optimum service usage is when you sync your account with You can use the service fully with a premium account. Once you have it, be ready to enjoy DivX movies without having to download them on your computer. Works well as a torrific alternative.


TorrenthandlerAs an alternative to Torrific, the service comes after you have disliked the above mentioned ones. Using TorrentHandler is simple – after acquiring a .Torrent file, upload it by using Add Torrent on TorrentHandler account and wait for the service to email you instructions to download the file.


BoxopusWith Boxopus, you don’t need to use a torrent client at all for the service downloads them directly to Dropbox. Users can link Boxopus to their Dropbox folder using their credentials, all the files will be automatically connected to all computers with Dropbox service. You can still keep your anonymity while downloading files since Boxopus has covered that up.


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