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How to Pattern Lock Text Messages on Android Devices with SMS Lock APP

Posted in Android8 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on How to Pattern Lock Text Messages on Android Devices with SMS Lock APP

There is no certain way of preventing people from intruding in your personal lives. Families, friends and other people have a habit of picking up your diaries and belongings and going through them as they own them. The majority of the people surrounding us, lack the basic concepts regarding privacy.

Android SMS LockThe very same rule applies when it comes to mobile phone and other devices. Without caring for the owners’ sentimental values, people dig into their mobiles and directly to their Inbox. Things with physical existence cannot be protected from prying eyes, nor can they be hidden behind a curtain.

But with the technical advancements in the category of mobile phones and devices, it has been made possible to protect your phone and even your Inbox. Also backing up your text messages on an Android phone and deleting them and restoring them back when they are needed, is a good option, but it takes time.

SMS Lock“SMS Lock”, is an Android application created in order to protect your messages from outsiders. The application allows you to protect your Inbox through a password suitable to you. Anyone who wishes to view the messages received or sent, will need to bypass the password protection enabled through this app.

The Enable Lock at the very top of the app’s page is the very key to begin the process of enabling the lock system of your Inbox. The lock pattern can be chosen according to your own choice.

Clicking on the option, leads to three rows with three points out of which four points are required to be selected. There is no limitation or restraint in relation to the selection of the lock pattern. Any pattern can be picked up; whether it is a shape, a numeric figure or an alphabet is of no concern.

The password can be changed whenever there is a requirement. No limit is set as to the number of times the password should be changed in a day or in hours.

SMS LockThe Notifications are automatically turned on when the Android app is installed. Turning the notifications off can kill the SMS lock at times, thus it is advised not to turn off the notifications.

The Self Protection offers four options that act as a platform to safeguard your device. By turning on the system setting, there is no chance left of SMS lock getting killed or being uninstalled.

Turning on the android market also prevents the application from getting uninstalled due to other apps or any other reason. The third option of the install app, when turned on, acts as a barrier from installing other applications. And lastly, turning on the uninstall app will prevent the un-installation of other applications.

This application is applicable for all the SMS apps available in the device. The entire list of SMS apps and the simple messaging Inbox appears in the application. And it is up to you, to use the app on either one or all apps.

SMS lock is not a difficult application at all. In fact the security it offers through its unpretentious software is simply amazing when it comes to security related applications.

The use of the password provided by the app, does not cause any problems whilst using the SMS facility.

Install SMS Lock App here [Google Play Store Link]