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How to Use SmartArt Graphics in Word 2013 Documents

Posted in Microsoft11 years ago • Written by Jenny AaronComments Off on How to Use SmartArt Graphics in Word 2013 Documents

SmartArt Graphics is one of the most important and the most demanded features of MS Word 2013. It is very popular among the management staff who want to command a company or firm in a proper way. It allows you to communicate your views and ideas visually. This feature in MS Word 2013 consists of a lot of illustrations including Tables, Charts, bullet points and even process diagrams and lines, etc. These are called simpler forms of SmartArt Graphics while any other Graphics such as Venn diagram and organization chart are two of its complex graphics the users can add into their Word documents.

Here you will learn how to use SmartArt Graphics in Word Documents as a large number of users are not well aware of using this tool in their documents and they are even unaware of using this amazing tool. So, let’s start using it and you will feel the difference of preparing a document with and without SmartArt Graphics.

Steps to Use SmartArt Graphic Illustrations in Word Documents

Step 1: To begin, you should prepare a document and save it to your desired place. Now go to the “Insert” tab that can be found on the Ribbon in your Word documents. Once you spread the Insert menu, there will be an option “SmartArt” under the title of Illustrations. This is the tool you need to select.

SmartArt in Insert Menu-1Step 2: A menu appears on your screen where you will see all the visual graphics in the form of small icons. You can see their previews in the right pane in the same window.

Select a SmartArt Graphic-2Step 3: Now select an illustration that suits the needs of your document and click “OK” to insert it into your document.

Choose a Graphic to Add in Document-3Step 4: Now you will see it appearing on your document at the required place.

SmartArt Graphic Added to Document-4Step 5: You can edit its “text” boxes by double-clicking on it. Type your desired information in these boxes and prepare a wonderful and well-organized documents for a perfect presentation of your ideas.

Edit Text in SmartArt Graphic-5So! You have successfully prepared a document based on well-organized data and clarity of thoughts.

Use Smart Shape-FinalNow you are preparing a document without using SmartArt Graphics. You will feel the difference of both of the documents you have created in MS Office 2013.

Document without SmartArt Graphic