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9 Top Rated Windows 10 Health Apps

As the new highly anticipated Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 is about to unfold officially in February, the development of supported apps is on hike, such as handy health apps; Windows 8 and 8.1 apps developers just modifying their apps to make them compatible with Windows 10. Certainly, health should be on everybody’s priority list and […]

Best Free Antivirus Software for Windows 10/8/8.1 in 2015

With the increased usage of internet for both in our social and professional lives the risk of our system getting affected from virus has also increased. Virus is the most famous computer attacker, it’s a program which spy or infects files that harm your computer or leaks sensitive data. Most spywares type viruses are used to […]

12 Best Windows 10 HD Themes for Free

Windows 10 technical preview is pretty much better than Windows 8 and 8.1. I think it’s going to rock just like Windows 7 and it’s my prediction that Windows 10 will grab a better market share than Windows 7. Till now Windows 7 is the most used OS as per w3schools’ stats, let’s see what […]

Best Corporate Antivirus Software that Helped me to Protect my Business

This report analysis-cum-guide explains how you can make your office’s computers absolutely secure from malware, spyware, viruses and spams that annoy you and destroy some or all of your personal data and may cause your system for being slow down. The advancement of technology in the field of computer science did not only bring the […]

Force Uninstall Stubborn Software and Tools from Windows

This article will provide you review of five best uninstaller tools that can easily uninstall and completely remove any stubborn Windows software, also those software that aren’t possible to remove with the help of Windows default uninstaller. From past few weeks I’m trying to share my knowledge about security and protection of Windows and iOS […]

iPhone Security Tips; Make it Live Long!

I’ve seen almost two iPhone 4 and one iPhone 3GS in broken condition from my own house in past two years and I’m sure if you’re iPhone geek then similar thing is happening in your house too, that’s why I’ve prepared this article that would help you to protect your iPhone and also you’ll learn that […]

QuickScope, TwitConfirm and OMGLowBattery [Tweaks Wrap-up August 1st]

After pangu’s jailbreak I’ve noticed that everybody is busy in grabbing new tweaks from Cydia store to get more features on their iDevices. The only reason of running this tweaks wrap-up section is to provide list of best Cydia tweaks to iOS users with jailbroken devices. For those who don’t have jailbroken iDevices there is […]