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Scan Files/Folders for Viruses in Windows 8.1 without using any Third Party Antivirus

Posted in Windows11 years ago • Written by Jenny AaronComments Off on Scan Files/Folders for Viruses in Windows 8.1 without using any Third Party Antivirus

Security is always priority for every user while he is looking for a new operating system that is going to be launched. Same is the case with Windows 8.1. After been upgraded to Windows 8.1, the users want to use a stronger security tool with it so that they may secure their system files and folders. Some users are still in the favor of Microsoft Security Essential that is indeed one of the best and renowned security tools for Windows, but Microsoft has set the users free from using different software for the protection of their system against malicious malware, trojans and worms.

It has introduced Windows Defender with the Windows 8.1 for a stronger protection of the files and folders of Windows users. If the users want to use a combination of Windows Defender with any other protection tool such as Norton or Avast, they can use it, but Windows Defender works great even without any third-party security tool. Here is how you can scan your files and folders in Windows Defender to detect and remove malware and viruses.

Step 1: Go to the “Start” button to begin the process.

Step 2: Now the Start screen will appear before you. Here you will find a small arrow at the bottom of the screen to the left side. You need to click on it in order to access the Apps section.

Start Screen for Command PromptStep 3: In the apps section you need to swap to the right to look for “Windows Defender” app. It can also be found by typing “Windows Defender” to the search box. Once you find it, click on it.

Windows Defender in Apps Section 1Step 4: Here in Windows Defender menu, you will see the “Scan Options” category to the right side. You need to select “Custom” under this category and click “Scan Now” option.

Windows Defender Custom Scan 2Step 5: Now you will see another window where you have to select the drive and open it by clicking the “+” sign before it. On the drive you have to select your desired files and folders for scanning and click “OK”.

Windows Defender Scan for Some Folders and Files3BStep 6: Now the system will start scanning your selected files and folders and you just need to wait for a while.

Windows Defender Scanning Files and Folders 4