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How to Save Documents in Cloud Storage (Skydrive) in MS Office 2013

Posted in Microsoft11 years ago • Written by Jenny AaronComments Off on How to Save Documents in Cloud Storage (Skydrive) in MS Office 2013

MS Office 2013 is indeed a blessing for the users who were still practicing the earlier versions of MS Office. It includes a range of wonderful and the latest features and tools to give the users more convenience and ease. MS Office 2013 has also a new addition that is Cloud.  Now you would be able to use and use Cloud feature while using MS Office 2013.

As the users know very well that Cloud is basically an online storage place where the users can store their important files including documents, audio and video files to retrieve them anytime while sitting anywhere in the world. In other words, Cloud enables the users to carry their office with them always. They do not need to carry the burden of a lot of files with them now.

They can just store all of their important documents online into Cloud and can use it anytime they need it. If you want to use Cloud, you just need to create a file in MS Office 2013 by using MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint or even OneNote. When you want to save this document, you will see some options whether you want to save it to your system or in Cloud. Here, you need to select “Cloud” in order to access and use Cloud app to store your data.

Save Newly Created Documents in Cloud

If you have already a bundle of documents you want to store in Cloud, you need to open these documents one followed by the other in MS Office 2013 in the relevant application and then click to the “File” menu that can be seen at the left top of the page in all the applications of MS Office 2013.
Access and Use Cloud in MS Office 2013-1Once you select this option, you will see the same options for the storage of your data and you can select Cloud (SkyDrive) from the option if you want so.

Access and Use Cloud in MS Office 2013-2Once you select this option, you will be asked to select the name of your file you want to save in Cloud and then select a folder in Cloud where you need to save it.

Access and Use Cloud in MS Office 2013-3That’s all. You have successfully saved your document in Cloud.

Save Previously Created Documents in Cloud

So guys! This is how you would be able to Access and Use Cloud (SkyDrive) app for storing your pre-existing and newly created documents in MS Office 2013. You do not need to bother about searching your documents in office or home. You can organize and save your documents in online Cloud to use anytime when you need them.

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