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RTIC vs. ORCA Coolers; Back to Back Comparison

Posted in Reviews7 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on RTIC vs. ORCA Coolers; Back to Back Comparison

Are you planning on going camping with family and friends, but do not know a company that produces reliable outdoor products? Look no further because we have got the answer to all your problems – well most. This article will provide consumers with detailed insights into two of the leading companies, RTIC and ORCA, to help you make an informed choice.

ORCA Coolers

The slogan for ORCA Coolers is “Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation”, which meshes perfectly with whatever the company is trying to achieve via its products. The aim of ORCA Coolers is to manufacture state of the art products that make use of the most recent of technologies. Let us take a look at some of the coolers that ORCA Coolers has to offer:

ORCA Pod Back Pack Cooler

This is the perfect cooler for an outdoor enthusiast because it is now available in the Realtree Max 5 camouflage and an adjustable T-strap that ensures that users get the maximum comfort. In addition to these amenities, the Pod Back Pack Cooler also comes with molle webbing, which has been sewn into outer walls, to provide more space for carrying extra necessities when going hiking, hunting or camping. Lastly, the cooler is capable of withstanding a weight of 59.5 pounds.

ORCA Chaser Cup

The ORCA Chaser Cup helps to maintain the temperature of the liquid inside, be it hot or cold, due to its 18/8 stainless steel body. ORCA Coolers had tried to be inventive when it came to designing the Chaser Cup because the company used a vacuum formed chamber, which allows a tight grip and reduces condensation. Apart from this, the Chaser Cup uses a Triton polymer lid with a silicone gasket to make sure that the liquids do not leak from the container. The ORCA Chaser Cup has a capacity of 27 oz., measures 7 inches, and costs between $16 and $43 on Amazon.


This particular product has a capacity of 40 Quartz and is available for purchase in a variety of colours. Like most of the coolers from ORCA Coolers, this one also comes equipped with a lid gasket to ensure that there are no leaks, and there is maximum cold retention throughout your trip or journey. In addition to this, ORCA has also added the handles of the cooler with Flex to guarantee a firm grip and make it comfortable to carry. Moreover, to further entice users and make the cooler worthwhile, the company designers also installed a Cargo Net attachment, which increases the storage capacity to some extent. This product is available for purchase on Amazon for $318.

RTIC Coolers

RTIC Coolers is a primary competitor for most firms in the outdoor products market. They offer retail products directly to consumers, but at half the price of their rivals. You should check out our RTIC coolers reviews before reading this section. The company specializes in making rot molded coolers, stainless steel glasses and cups, and soft sided coolers. The company claims to use the latest technology and honest marketing to appeal and connect with a larger target audience. Let us take a look at the products RTIC Coolers has to offer:

RTIC 30 oz. Tumbler

This 30 oz. The tumbler was designed in such a way that it has a double insulated wall, which means that a suitable temperature is always maintained. This means that if you frosty beverages remain cold for extended periods of time and hot drinks remain warm as well. There is also the choice of the availability of an airtight seal that “locks” in the cold or warmth of your drink. Furthermore, the Tumbler can fit into a variety of cup holders anywhere and anytime due to its tall and sleek design. The option of secure grip and the assurance of a waterproof exterior make this product perfect for taking on long trips. The market price is $17 for all types of the Tumbler.

Roto-Molded Coolers

The Roto-Molded Coolers are available in an assortment of different sizes and colour options. The smallest size is 20 quartz while the largest size offered is 65 quartz. The coolers come equipped with a molded tie-down slots, which allow the users to fasten the cooler to the truck bed, trailer or boat. In addition to this, the company vows that all their products have commercial grade insulation made of polyurethane foam. This allows the coolers to preserve the temperature and prevent your food from rotting. Lastly, RTIC Coolers have provided the option of both rope handles and molded in handles that make carrying the cooler easy for everyone. The price of the coolers varies, depending on which size one is using.

SoftPak Coolers

The SoftPak Coolers are bags, which function as coolers. They are available in a variety of sizes ranging from a Lunch Box option to a 40-can size option. They come packed with 2 inches of insulation foam which helps regulate the temperature inside the bag. Furthermore, the zipper prevents any leakage, further keeping your foodstuff safe for eating. The price varies depending on which model one is using. The 20 cans size costs $99 on Amazon.

Which should you choose?

We scoured the depths of the internet to gather reliable data regarding customer surveys, pricing of the products, and the features of the products mentioned above to reach a conclusion.

According to most reports, RTIC Coolers is the popular choice because of the diversity of their products, the low prices they charge despite providing ample features with their products. Hence, if you want to buy outdoor products for your next camping trip or a good ole’ day of hiking then be sure to purchase coolers and tumblers from RTIC Coolers.

RTIC Coolers uses state of the art technology, all the while making sure that the cost is economical so more users can afford to purchase their products. Consequently, this has resulted in RTIC becoming popular and hence, contributed to their growing market share in the outdoor products industry.

So hurry up and grab and RTIC Cooler today at your nearest store or order online!

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