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How to Root Motorola Atrix HD

Posted in Android10 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on How to Root Motorola Atrix HD

The users of Motorola Atrix HD will be very happy to know that they can root their mobile phone easily now. It does not need to be a technician or expert in this matter You just need to use some rooting apps or third party software and your problem will be solved. If you are unable to install some root-only applications to your Motorola Atrix HD, it is recommended to you to root your device. It was considered a very difficult task earlier to root any Android device, but now there are a plenty of rooting techniques and tools that make your rooting task easier. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to root Motorola Atrix HD for you. You can root your Motorola Atrix HD within some minutes by following the guide mentioned here. So, let’s start the process without wasting time.

Motorola Atrix HD
Tutorial to Root Motorola Atrix HD

  • Please note that if you go through the rooting process, it will finish the warranty of your Motorola Atrix HD. Yet, the warranty can be reinstated if you unroot the device by following any unrooting process.
  • It works effectively only on the PCs that are running on Windows.
  • The appropriate drivers should be installed on your PC.

Downloading Required

You need to download the file known as “Root Package” from here.

Steps to Perform Rooting:

Step 1: Place the file named “Root Package” on a specific place in your PC once you download it.

Step 2: You do not need to run any file and use Unzip option to unzip the files.

Step 3: Now you need to use a USB cable to attach your mobile phone with your desktop.

Step 4: Now run the file “run.bat” from the files you extracted earlier in your PC by double clicking it.

Step 5: You will see some instructions will appear on your screen. You need to follow them and go ahead.

Step 6: Finally! You have successfully rooted in your device. Now an app known as Superuser will be installed automatically on your cell phone that will enable you to manage the root permissions. Now you would be able to enjoy your desired root-only applications on your Motorola Atrix HD.

Open a Custom Recovery Image (An Optional Task)

You can also run a custom recovery image if you want to run custom ROMs.

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