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QuickScope, TwitConfirm and OMGLowBattery [Tweaks Wrap-up August 1st]

Posted in Apple7 years ago • Written by Hammad Rafique2 Comments

After pangu’s jailbreak I’ve noticed that everybody is busy in grabbing new tweaks from Cydia store to get more features on their iDevices. The only reason of running this tweaks wrap-up section is to provide list of best Cydia tweaks to iOS users with jailbroken devices. For those who don’t have jailbroken iDevices there is another section of paid apps that are free now in App store. Without wasting time, let’s start today’s tweaks wrap-up:

QuickScope [$1.50]

Google is no doubt, is the father of all search engines and also its app is available for iOS devices. Safari, chrome and other browsers have the option to make Google your default search engine and many of us have Google as default search engine. In a nutshell, Google is no doubt leads all search engines, but only in browsers. When it comes to searching apps, contacts, movies, music and more then QuickScope jailbreak tweak is the one that can fulfil your needs.


Spotlight search of iOS 8 also provides best searching experience to iOS users, but iOS 7’s spotlight is limited to the iDevice’s data only. QuickScope brings search options for iOS 7 that are better than iOS 8’s spotlight search. You can search almost everything with this awesome jailbreak tweak including iOS apps, contacts, toggles and more. Furthermore, you can search music and movies from internet and also play them instantly in QuickScope.

TwitConfirm [Free]

TwitConfirm is a minor tweak especially created for twitter lovers. There is a possibility to retweet or favorite someone’s tweet by mistake, this TwitConfirm tweak helps you to set alerts for retweets and favorites. When any of the tweet is reweeted or favorited by your Twitter account, you’ll get an alert on your iOS device’s screen.


OMGLowBattery [Free]

The best way to spoil your iDevice’s battery life is to use it until you don’t see the 1% battery sign near battery’s status icon. Using iDevice with low battery can also harm your listening system, because at this point, devices generate high frequency rays that are harmful for human body. It’s important to charge your device before its battery’s status bar gets down from 10%.

OMGLowBatter is quite funny jailbreak tweak that will show you pop-up notification on your device’s screen when your battery will be low. The funny thing in this tweak is that the message shown in the notification will be funny.


The irony of these messages will force you to charge your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, it’s the easier and joyful method to throw your laziness out. If you want a better way to get low battery alerts then ChargingHelperPlus is a better and free option.