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Quick Caller History for Android [Powered by TechZend]

Posted in Android10 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on Quick Caller History for Android [Powered by TechZend]

Few weeks back our development team found an idea to make an Android app that will show you callers’ history of texts and calls. This idea doesn’t seem unique because many Android apps are already available in play store providing calls and messages’ history, but here we make difference. It’s not an ordinary app, it brings an incredible feature for Android users that allows users to get call and text messages history for a cell number, before receiving call from the same number.

Quick Caller History Android App

Quick Caller History [Introduction]

The basic idea was came from developers’ brains working in our company, when I asked them that how they got this idea, they replied:

When someone is going to receive call from an unknown number, he/she can check that whether that anonymous guy has sent text or called him/her before or not. Furthermore, if you had some discussion with a person calling you currently and you have forgot that previous conversation, then text messages flashing on your screen received by the same caller will help you to remember those discussions. That’s why we named it quick caller history, because it’s not an ordinary history app.


The primary feature of the app as described above is to provide quick logs of calls and text messages when your cell is ringing; the logs are for the person calling you. Some breathtaking features of this Quick Caller History Android app are explained below.

History Components

Call and SMS Logs of Caller

You can get cell number’s history that will include missed calls, received calls and dialled calls and in text messages you’ll get data of sent, received and unread messages.

Manual History Checks

Manual History Checks

Just like other apps available in play store it has functionality that lets you analyse calls/text messages’ history manually when there is no call in progress.

Furthermore, Quick Caller History’s users can save and delete logs manually from their devices, you can delete or save history records of any selected number or also in bulk.

Save/Delete History

Specified History Data

You can ask this app to show you only specific data, for example if you just want to get call logs of cell numbers calling you, then you’ll only get those records. Moreover, you can choose quantity of text messages and call logs that you want to show on your screen, for example if I configure only 2 text messages and 3 call logs then the Quick Caller History app will show me the exact same amount of data that I have selected before.

Other features

You can have caller history only for specific numbers, not for all contacts, only history for those specified contacts will be shown when they will call you. You can enable or disable this app’s functions via settings at anytime you want. You can get this app free of cost from Google Play Store.

Settings [Quick Caller History]


I’m currently having this app installed on my Galaxy core Smartphone and I personally feel this app’s idea unique and awesome. If you’ve ideas like this one you can share it with us by commenting on this review.

Install Quick Caller History [Play Store Link]