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Official Windows 10 Technical Preview Hardware Requirements

Posted in Windows10 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on Official Windows 10 Technical Preview Hardware Requirements

Windows 10’s release date has been announced in the Microsoft’s event and now people are finding ways to install it on their computers. This release isn’t a final release of Windows 10, it’s just a preview for experts and developers for testing purposes. If you’re a beginner and using Windows 8.1 or any former Windows version then don’t try to upgrade to this technical preview, because this version may have bugs in it and moving back to the previous version will spoil your time.

Windows 10 Technical Preview

credit: Neowin

Only few hours are remaining for download links to appear on Microsoft’s website and Microsoft has revealed Windows 10 technical preview system requirements. First you should know the reason that why you must have good knowledge of hardware requirements.

If you ignore the system requirements for Windows 10 and start downloading the ISO file for Windows 10, you’ll just loose your bandwidth and waste your time because if your machine’s hardware doesn’t meet the requirements for Windows 10 then you can’t install it on your computer.

Here’s a good news for windows 8 and 8.1 users that they don’t have to be worried about system requirements because Windows 10’s system requirements are the same as Windows 8.

Neowin has confirmed  that Windows 10 needs hardware requirements of Windows 8 and the requirements are given below:

Windows 10 System Requirements [Official]

If you’ve a computer or laptop then get ready to have fun with the latest Windows 10. But also you should be ready to downgrade your Windows 10 to previous Windows version if it doesn’t run seamlessly on your machine.

If your machine doesn’t meet the above listed criteria then you should buy a more faster machine than the current one. Some other things that should keep in mind before installing Windows 10 on your computer are that you should have a high performance graphics card, because many users had faced problems with Windows 8 and 8.1 graphics, because these OS need high performance graphics cards too.

I would appreciate the efforts of Microsoft that it has been successful in compressing Windows 10 to the minimal level so users with low hardware specifications can also install this Windows version, it’s not like iOS, after the release of iOS 8, iPhone 4 is now obsolete and iPhone 4 users can’t upgrade to iOS 8; the same thing was happened with iPhone 3gs users, when iOS 7 was launched. So I’m happy that my old laptop worth $200 can also run this awesome Windows 10 technical preview.