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Mozbar Google Chrome Extension Updated to its Newer Version

Posted in For Bloggers9 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on Mozbar Google Chrome Extension Updated to its Newer Version is well-known website and company that introduced the concepts of Mozrank, domain authority and page authority for websites available on internet. This ranking algorithm is an alternative to Google’s PageRank for webmasters. These ranking algorithms depend upon quality and quantity of inbound links and content. External links from a website are also included in calculation of D.A, P.A and Mozrank.

Mozbar 3.0.64

Mozbar is an extension to check D.a, P.a and mozrank and it is powered by This extension has updated to its new version with number of new additions in it. What you can do with this mozbar’s new version is stated below:

What’s New in MozBar 3.0.64?

Elegant Design

Previous color and style of mozbar was dim and grey, it wasn’t that attractive and didn’t catch my attention ever because of its traditional looking interface.

Mozbar new design

The Ultimate Highlighter

Now there is no need to install any extra plugins to highlight nofollow, dofollow, external or internal links on a specific page of a website. Because you can get this functionality in mozbar, just click on the highlighter icon and you will see options to analyse links, you can check all links at the same time, because colors for all links are different.

Highlight Links with mozbar

Faster Authority Check

I am not sure but I have faced crashing issues with the previous version of mozbar, because it didn’t work proficiently when the browser is busy. The new one is working fine and show results straight away in less than one second.

SEO Features Addition

You can analyse your on-page SEO by checking length of your Meta title, description, keywords, slug and H1 tag in just one click over “On-Page Elements” held under Page analysis tab.

On-page analysis

General Attributes and Page Speed

To check canonical tags and Meta robots, you normally use third party websites or developer tools, but mozbar provides all these things under General attributes tab. Also in the General Attributes’ window you can get Google’s cached page link for the relative page with page loading time and IP address of the hosting server.

General Attributes in Mozbar


You can check markups for the requested page, and these markups include Google authorship,, open graph protocol for Facebook, Twitter cards and Microformats.

Markups in mozbar

Social Shares Analysis

It shows that how many visitors share your page or website on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Social shares are one of the top factors of Google’s ranking system.

Social Shares in Mozbar

Other features

Other features in this mozbar are http status of website, analysis of internal links and domain and page authority check for subdomains.

You can get more features like backlinks analysis and internal and external links’ analysis with graphs in its paid version.

Google has no intention to update PageRank, because of massive link spam issues. In December 2013 PageRank was updated but it was due to some up-gradation in Google’s systems. Moz’s ranking system is the primary focus of webmasters now, because every webmaster trusts it blindly.