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How to Monitor your Home and Office from your Bedroom with iPhone?

Posted in Apple9 years ago • Written by Jenny AaronComments Off on How to Monitor your Home and Office from your Bedroom with iPhone?

A complete review about MobileCamViewer iOS app that lets you monitor your home, office or any property with the help of your iPhone and iPad.

MobileCamViewer iOS appLooking for any app that could give you a thorough control for live security of your place? Here is what you were looking for. MobileCamViewer is an astonishing app that enables you to control and watch all of your Live cameras, NVR, Video Servers, DVR or your webcams by using your iPhone and iPad. This app has been built indeed to enable you for remote monitoring of your close circuit cameras. It is quite easy to use. Let’s have a look what great benefits, features and grim drawbacks (if any) this outstanding app has.

Salient Features

  • It has High ROI feature that only focus on a selected area so you’ll get better quality and also you would not require to view any futile scenes of your home or office.
  • You can connect MobileCamViewer with all of the quality brand cameras available in the market, to get better results you should buy a camera with high resolution capture capacity.
  • It supports very well to all of the built-in cameras used in any version of Windows. You can even use to monitor activities through any USB Webcam.
  • You can easily store different branded webcams, all DVRs, every kind of VS and all NVRs by using this single application. Now you do not need to run different apps to control and store different security cameras. So you will have an easier access to your security system now.
  • It is quite secure for personal use and app’s system ensures encryption of your access information.
  • The app enables multiple users to watch the same security cam at the same time, no need to buy any extra license keys.
  • You can zoom-in or out with its PTZ feature and also you can move direction of your CCTV camera with MobileCamViewer app by using your iOS device.
  • All the transfer of information between cameras and app is encrypted and nobody can get any of the information, even if your iDevice or webcam is hijacked.


Pros of Using MobileCamViewer

  • You can monitor your home or office anywhere with it and no matter what you’re doing, you’ll get real-time view of your locations.
  • You can save your time and increase productivity by using this app. If there is any grim situation at your business place, you can immediately view the situation and command your staff to avoid loss.
  • It is specifically beneficial for the people who are in construction field or the users who need to go on business trips to international destinations. They can view what’s going at their office behind them and can direct their staff what to do further.

Cons of Using MobileCamViewer

This wonderful app has only a few drawbacks that are quite minor before its outstanding features. Below have been mentioned the drawbacks.

  • Although it supports a variety of USB Webcams, but still it does not support USB Webcam that has been connected to Apple. It is still under consideration and once it is developed, it will be available for the users.
  • You must have a internet connection all the time on your iOS device to being able to monitor your office or home.

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