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LSWeather Brings Real-Time Weather Statistics to your Lockscreen [Jailbreak Tweak]

Posted in Apple10 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on LSWeather Brings Real-Time Weather Statistics to your Lockscreen [Jailbreak Tweak]

Weather is never certain, nobody knows what’s going to be happen with weather condition, even in next minute. Weather conditions vary from region to region and it’s essential to have an weather widget in your phone or tablet to get weather updates on real-time basis. If we talk about iOS, then it has its own native weather app, that’s pretty good and iOS users love it.

Some other apps, including yahoo weather app is also a good option for people want to get live weather statistics, like current temperature and weather forecasts; especially if you’re going to travel outside the city, or via air plane then it’s essential to check weather forecast before departure.

It’s now 20th century and IT companies took computers from tables to people’s hands. Nobody wants to waste his time in turning on television or computer to check weather forecasts, everybody just love to check out weather forecast directly on mobile phones or tablets.

LSWeather is an incredible tweak for iOS 7x devices users who have jailbroken devices. If you don’t have jailbroken iOS device and want to jailbreak it, simply follow this guide for iOS 7.1/7.1.1 and for iOS 7 use evasi0n. If you don’t like to open your weather app and check out the weather statistics, what if I inform you that you can see them directly on your iDevice’s lockscreen? Yeah I know it’s great, LSWeather pulls your native iOS apps’ stats to the lockscreen, so no need to turning on iDevice again and again to check weather conditions. Not only this tweak brings the weather statistics to the lockscreen but also performs the below discussed features:

LSWeather Jailbreak Tweak-1

#1: You can ask this tweak to show the low and high temperature of the whole day on your lockscreen and also you can select your own city or any other desired city in this tweaks’ settings.

LSWeather iOS Tweak-2

#2: If you have problem in reading the default small text of your lockscreen items, then don’t worry this app have option to change the font of weather stats, you can make them bigger with any available font styles.

#3 You can set the position of slider as vertical, that it will make its access easier for you. If you don’t want to configure settings of this tweak, like telling it about your city, then simply turn-on location services of your iDevice, this tweak will detect your current location and will let you know about your current weather statistics on real-time basis.

So, enjoy with this excellent tweak in just $1.99, and you can find it by simply searching “LSWeather 1.0.9-1” in Cydia store. The tweak is powered by bigboss.

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