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Remove Ugly Line Appears Below Ribbon Toolbar in Windows 8.1

Posted in Windows11 years ago • Written by Jenny AaronComments Off on Remove Ugly Line Appears Below Ribbon Toolbar in Windows 8.1

While working on and exploring Windows 8.1, I faced a very strange issue. Suddenly a strange, but ugly line appeared in Windows Explorer. It could be seen below the standard toolbar where lie the address bar, search box and back or forward buttons. It looked too ugly and I tried to remove it in every possible way because it was irritating me a lot. When I was moving the cursor of my mouse on it, it seemed as if it can be resizable and it can be moved, but when I tried to resize or move it, I failed to do so. I even restarted my system to prove it a GUI issue and when I had finished the restart, the problem was still persisting. So, I came to a conclusion that it was not a GUI issue, but it may be a bug that should be removed.

Windows Explorer with Ugly Line Below Ribbon ToolbarI tried to find out its solutions and for this purpose I applied various settings and researched on this issue, but finally I came to a conclusion that it must be a toolbar that allows a mouse cursor to move or resize it.

At last, I was able to find out the solution of this problem and I was successful in removing this ugly line that appears below the Ribbon Toolbar in Windows 8.1. Here is the way that I adopted to get rid of this problem. I am sharing it with all of the guys so that if ever you get this issue, you would be able to fix it within a few seconds.

Methods to Get Rid of Ugly Line Below Search Bar in Windows 8.1

There are two ways of fixing this problem.

A: You can use Internet Explorer to fix it.

B: You can use Windows Explorer to remove it.

Through Internet Explorer

You need to launch “Internet Explorer” and right-click on its toolbar. Here you will see an option “Lock the toolbars”. Click on it to activate the option.

Internet Explorer to Remove Ugly Line below Ribbon ToolbarThrough Windows Explorer

  • You need to launch Windows Explorer and press “F11”. It will open Windows Explorer in full screen mode.

Windows Explorer in Windows 8.1

  • Now put the cursor of your mouse on the top edge of the screen. It will show you the standard toolbar. Find an empty area on the toolbar and right-click it. You will find some options where you need to disable “Auto-hide”.

Windows Explorer Toolbars

  • Press “ALT” key now. It will bring the Menu bar before you.

Windows Explorer Menubar in Windows 8.1

  • Now right-click on the Menu bar and activate the option “Lock the toolbars”.

Lock the Toolbar option in Windows Explorer

 That’s all. You have successfully removed that ugly line appearing below the Ribbon Toolbar.

Windows Explorer without Ugly Line

[Via: Askvg]