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iPhone Security Tips; Make it Live Long!

Posted in Apple10 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on iPhone Security Tips; Make it Live Long!

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I’ve seen almost two iPhone 4 and one iPhone 3GS in broken condition from my own house in past two years and I’m sure if you’re iPhone geek then similar thing is happening in your house too, that’s why I’ve prepared this article that would help you to protect your iPhone and also you’ll learn that how can you make an iPhone long lasting.

So let’s start.

We’re chilling in a modish society that is full of gadgets now, I’m sure that your 2.5 years old child can also play Temple Run 2 on your iPhone just like mine. The 3 iPhones that I’ve mentioned above are broken just because of my little son, not only he knows playing games but also he can install new apps, capture pictures and move apps on the springboard.

I know he is much smarter than me when I was in fifth standard; but ultimately iPhones are toys for toddlers and that’s why they keep throwing them like balls.

When I bought my iPhone 5 a year back, I’ve decided to protect it from child and accidents, I thought for 1 hour and set a budget of $50 for its security. It was better to spend $50 instead of buying a new one.

Hardware Security

Get a Touch Screen Protector

Let’s start with some addons that can make your iPhone secured just like mine one. While playing games and using iPhone aggressively the first thing that gets damage is the screen, because it’s a major problem with touch screen devices. I decided to search market to get a best protector for my iPhone and found tempered glass protection, the primary reason to use this protector was that it doesn’t only protect your screen from scratches but also from serious breakage.

Protect the Entire Body

The above recommended protector was only for screen, what about the whole body? just a single drop can cost you hundreds of dollars. For entire body protection of my iPhone 5 I got a new protection case that made my iPhone a robocop of iPhones.  it was just like bulletproof jacket for my iPhone, it doesn’t affect touch sensor of your device. The coolest thing happened just after getting this Extreme Protection Case, that more than five people asked me the same question, that was “Sell it to me in $50” 😛 but the actual price was only $22. Have a look on it below:

Extreme Protection Case for iPhone

If you want any other case in low cost then you can search the hottest cases here.

Get Insured

I think the above Security for hardware is enough and you’ve tighten the security for your iPhone and now it’s a bit secured from your children. Just like your own life insurance you must get insurance for your iPhone’s life too. Fortunately, SquareTrade is providing best iPhone insurance in cheap price, you can insure your iPhone in just $99. Get insured and no worries in whom hands your iPhone is.

Battery Protection

It’s not easy to replace iPhone’s battery by yourself, as it’s easy on other Smartphones, you have to open the screws and after a long hard work you will be successful in changing it; so it’s better to increase your iPhone’s battery life with the help of pro apps and tweaks. You can use battery doctor pro for iOS, so you can monitor and track apps consuming high percentage of resources and power and ultimately you can close or remove them permanently from your device.

Software Protection


Every device running on this earth with an operating system must have a Antivirus software. Among all iOS antivirus apps, virusbarrier, Avira, AVG family safety and MCafee work great. These Antivirus apps protect your iPhone from malicious apps, viruses, malwares and keyloggers. Furthermore, you can use family safety feature to set parental controls for browsers and apps for your kids.

Clean if before it’s too late

In our daily routine, we perform many different things on our iPhone like downloading music, videos, surfing internet and installing apps; because of these much things some apps and tools consume iPhone’s storage and ultimately RAM too. This massive use of junk can make your iPhone slower like a snale, you can clean it with cMemory and Checker like apps. Furthermore, if you’ve a jailbroken device then you can simply use iCleaner, that’s a all in one jailbreak app.

Theft Security

The built-in feature of “Find my iPhone” works great for stolen devices, because if have turned it on, you can get your device’s location with the help of your iCloud or Find my iPhone iOS app. Furthermore, you can use any good iOS app that can stop thieves from stealing your iPhone.

Note: Use this Find my iPhone feature with care, because if you forget the passcode that you’ve set while setting up this app, you wouldn’t be able to unlock you iCloud without the help of Apple ‘s support.

I hope all of the above recommendations to secure your iPhone will be helpful for you, if you have any other ideas or tips that you use for your iPhone, please let us know via commenting on this article.