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iOS 8 New Features Demonstrated on iPhone

Posted in Apple7 years ago • Written by Hammad Rafique3 Comments

iOS 8 has been launched with a bang and has amazed iOS users with its incredible features. But iPhone 4 users are out of the game now, because of no iOS 8 update for iPhone 4 users. These newly introduced features will force iOS 7 users to upgrade their devices to iOS 8, even their devices are jailbroken. The users with jailbroken iOS 7 device can upgrade to iOS 8 final (When it’ll be available) to remove the evasi0n jailbreak completely. Many built-in features of iOS 8 may fulfil the need of jailbreak lovers and if Apple continues to add Android like features in iOS consistently, it can win people’s hearts.

iOS 8 New Features


QuickType: When you will type a message in imessage app, you will be able to see quicktype option on your imessage screen. QuickType feature suggests you the word you are going to type, by this you can type your message more faster and also with correct spellings.

QuickType feature iOS 8

Send media files: You can record and send your voice memos directly from the imessage interface. Moreover, pictures can be taken from your camera and can be sent directly from imessage app to your desired contact. This media file sending feature is available in WhatsApp messenger and Apple is trying to provide this kind of essential features in iOS’s default apps.

Send voice and images in imessage iOS 8Attach Images in iMessage iOS 8

Smilies: Emoticons are added already in your iMessage app, so there is no need to install third-party app, like emoji to your iDevice.

Conversations’ subjects: You can set subjects to conversations in your messages app, this feature will help you to find conversation with a person or group easily.

Conversation's Subject in iOS 8 for Messages

Other features in iMessage: You can attach you current location with messages. Furthermore, “Do Not Disturb” feature will help you to mute notifications from a specific person’s chat. Also you can view and download the attached files in messages in your imessage app. You can also quickly add contacts directly from the conversation.

iMessage other features iOS 8

Improved Multitasking

Previously in iOS 7 you were able to use this multitasking feature to switch between apps and also to close down the apps. But here is another awesome addition in app switcher that makes your contacts (Recent + favourite) visible in the multitasking window and also you can use messages, facetime and facetime call app for those contacts directly from the app switcher.

Multitasking Improved in iOS 8


Zoom in: In iOS 7 the option to zoom the screen was generic and you were only able to zoom the whole screen at a time by tapping with three fingers. Now in iOS 8 you can zoom in specific area of your iOS device’s screen and the old full screen zoom feature is still available in it. You can turn on your desired zoom with double tap on your iDevice’s screen and select your desired zoom and enjoy zooming.

Zoom in iOS 8

Greyscale: In iOS 7 there was an option to invert colors, available under accessibility, this option lets you to change your screen’s color to colors like pictures’ negatives. Now you can also use greyscale option to make your screen black and white; even your camera will capture pictures and videos in black and white view.

Greyscale in iOS 8


Favourite your Photos:  You can favourite your pictures available in your photos app, these Favorited pictures will be available to all of your iOS devices straight away.

More Picture Editing Options: You can now edit your photos in an productive way. Cropping pictures is much more modernised, because you can move the selected picture right and left with your finger. Some more editing features are below:

  • Change contrast
  • Change vibrancy
  • Customized Lightning

Edit Photos in iOS 8

Timer: Now you can set a timer when you are capturing pictures from camera, two timing options are available there, timer for 3 seconds and timer for 10 seconds. When the time completes it captures your picture instantly.

Time-lapse Feature: This feature captures different images in a short time and makes a video with those pictures straight away.

Time-lapse iOS 8

Notification Center

New Look: Its new look is quite different from iOS 7’s notification center, because the missed option has been removed from iOS 8’s notification center.

Edit Notifications: You can now edit your notification center, you just need to click the edit button available at the bottom of the screen. You can rearrange the widgets and also you can add new widgets to your notification center. Furthermore, if you don’t want to show any of the widget, you can simply move it to “Do Not Include”  tab available below the widgets’ window.

Edit Notification center iOS 8

Reply to messages in Notification Center: You can instantly reply to messages from notification center, now no need to open imessage app and reply to the message. This quickreply feature will also work with social apps like Facebook.

Reply to notifications iOS 8

Spotlight Search

Spotlight search now shows search suggestions from iTunes, App Store, Movie Showtimes, Locations near by and maps. You can change its search options from the settings and you can add or remove search engines from there.

Spotlight search iOS 8

Your Fitness Trainer

Health app is new to iOS and it can help you to remain healthy all the time by telling you your weight, heartbeat, calories, blood glucose and much more.

You medical ID will be available in this health app and also this medical id will be visible over the locksreen under emergency calls option. It can help others to identify yourself in case of any accident because this medical ID contains your height, weight, eyes’ color, you name, allergies and reactions, medical notes, emergency contact number, birth date and blood group.

Medical ID iOS 8

SIRI in iOS 8

Siri is more smarter than before because now you can search a song via siri by playing that song on any other device, siri will recognize and search that song for you instantly from shazam. Also what you’ll say to it, it will type your words on your iPhone’s screen rapidly. You can turn on this voice feature from here: General> Siri> Voice Activation.

SIRI in iOS 8


You can now open desktop version of websites in Safari browser. By default iDevices open mobile versions of websites automatically but you can open desktop version if you want. Also you can favourite your desired websites in Safari now with a simple option.

Safari iOS 8

I have collected these feature after a thorough research on iOS 8 and found it more useful than iOS 7. iOS 8 features prove that Apple is trying to provide best user experience to its users. For more updates, keep visiting

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