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iOS 8 Beta 3 Launched for Developers with a Roar

Posted in Apple7 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on iOS 8 Beta 3 Launched for Developers with a Roar

Apple has released iOS 8 beta 3 for developers for further testing regarding bugs and exploits. The earlier iOS 8 beta 2 was released few weeks back with some minor changes and now Apple further polished iOS 8 in this third beta. The major changes in this version are improvements in its previously added features like quicktype, iCloud, notification centre and more. Below are some remarkable improvements made by Apple in this iOS 8 beta 3.

iOS 8 Beta 3

More Wallpapers

Apple has added new collection of wallpapers for lockscreen and homescreen in this iOS 8 beta 3. This time wallpapers are more colorful and eye-catching and present the unique idea of this iOS 8. Interestingly, Apple has added some plain grey and black wallpapers in iOS 8 beta 3, may be Apple is also focusing users with polite brains.

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Clear Button is more Clear now

In iOS 8 beta 1, Apple had introduced a better and responsive notification centre for iOS users, in which users were able to edit their notification widgets and also rearrangement was possible; but now Apple has made the available “clear” button more clear and visible for its users. It’s the history, that Apple introduces less features but all those features are perfect, while in Android you’ll find each and everything but with errors, bugs and viruses.

Improved iCloud

First change is in iCloud’s interface, Apple has redesigned it entirely and a new welcome page is available on your iCloud drive’s home. Moreover, you can now use the iCloud drive also from the web, previously this uploading feature was available only from Windows, Mac and iOS devices.

Handoff Feature

Now no need to worry if you want to use all of your apps on all Apple devices running iOS 8, because by turning this handoff feature on, you’ll be able to use all of your installed apps on all of your Apple devices.

Wifi Calling

Now call anyone near to you with a Wifi connection. To enable this Wifi calling feature you must have an updated emergency address.


Now you can enable or disable QuickType feature that is used to quickly reply to messages received from iMessage and social media apps. This functionality works from Notification centre, app switcher and individual notification.

The features described above are incredible for iOS 8 users, Apple is making its iOS mush user-friendly for its users. I personally think that if Apple continues to add these kind of features in upcoming iOS versions then it can beat other mobile OSs available in market.

Via: 9to5mac