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IntelliScreenX 7 for iOS 7/7.1.x Releases with QuickReply, Swipe App Switcher and More

Posted in Apple7 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on IntelliScreenX 7 for iOS 7/7.1.x Releases with QuickReply, Swipe App Switcher and More

For iPhone 4 users there was some bad news that iOS 8 has no compatibility with iPhone 4. From past few weeks, I was trying to get iOS 8 like features on my Jailbroken iPhone 4 running iOS 7.1 with the help of some jailbreak tweaks and apps. I got many tweaks that were offering iOS 8 like features but after installing many tweaks, my iPhone became buggy and full of errors. But today IntelliScreenX for iOS 7.0.x and 7.1.x has been updated, and now it brings some features that will fulfil the need of iOS 8. Below are incredible features of this IntelliScreenX 7 utility:

IntelliScreenX 7

To jailbreak you device follow this guide.



The most amazing feature in iOS 8 is QuickReply, that helps you to reply quickly to your messages. IntelliScreenX 7 adds this quickreply feature on your iDevice’s lockscreen and notification centre. You can reply instantly to your text messages and also to messages received from social media sites with QuickReply.



IntelliScreenX 7 brings awesome features for your lockscreen too, you can get news/rss notifications on your lockscreen and not only you can read their excerpt but also you can read full news directly from your lockscreen, by just tapping upon your desired news.

Visual Changes: It automatically enables dim feature for lockscreen, that will dim your lockscreen’s view after a specific time; furthermore you can set blur/tint effects for your lockscreen.

Weather Widget: As discussed earlier about LSWeather tweak, that lets you show a weather widget on your lockscreen. Similarly, IntelliScreenX 7 shows your native weather app’s stats on your lockscreen.

HUD Feature: Now you can control your music directly from lockscreen, simply turn this HUD feature on and double press home button when you’re on your lockscreen, it will toggle the music controls on your lockscreen.

Slide Feature: The most different and amazing feature on lockscreen is this slide feature. After setting gesture in activator for this feature when you’ll use it, it’ll show you opened apps on the left hand side just like Windows 8.1‘s charms bar. Slide feature is also available on your homescreen.

Slide Feature

Status Bar Icons: You can show up icons of missed calls, unread SMS and unread mail in your status bar.

Notification Centre

You can’t get iOS 8 like notification centre with IntelliScreenX 7, but it has its own notification centre. The notification centre includes the below listed features:

Mail: Your mail app‘s notifications will show up in mail tab available under notification centre. Not only you can read you mails, but also you can reply and compose new emails directly from notification centre.

Social Media: Your social notifications from Facebook and Twitter will also be available here in this IntelliScreenX 7’s notification centre and you can tweet on twitter and post on Facebook directly from here without opening the relevant app.

RSS/News: The updates from RSS, just like from lockscreen can be get from here too. Moreover, you can read news directly from this notification centre.

This incredible utility transforms your jailbroken device into a modish gadget, I personally feel this utility as a complete package for iOS geeks to enjoy iOS 8 like features on iOS 7.0.x and 7.1.x. You can get this utility from ModMyi, it’s free for IntelliScreenX 6 users and IntelliScreenX and IntelliScreen users have to pay $4.99 and $7.99 respectively to upgrade this utility.

Share your views about this IntelliScreenX 7 utility and also suggest us about some other utilities like this by commenting on this article.