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Take your Android’s Volume to the Peak with Volume Booster Free App

Posted in Android10 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on Take your Android’s Volume to the Peak with Volume Booster Free App

There is something enchanting about a good sound, a rigorous volume system. The beauty of hearing a voice, or a song with a good volume system, has the uncanny ability to make the entire thing better. Whether it is a movie, a song, or even a video conference, we all understand the importance of a good audio system in our laptops. But with the changing of time, all these activities, which were limited to computers and laptops, have taken over phones and tablets.

Volume Booster for AndroidIn the present highly modern era, what we seek is an Android phone that possesses great display quality, and of course the best audio system. Unfortunately, the best audio systems can only be accessed through Android devices, which are expensive and out of the reach of the common man. Nonetheless, this does not mean, a man with low means cannot enjoy the supreme benefits of an amazing audio system – with the advancement in technology, a good volume level can be attained through the countless volume improvement Android apps. Such an application, under the title of “Bass Volume Booster for Android”, is a remarkable dais to enhance the volume capacity of an Android device.

Volume boosterThe volume booster by Felipe has been raided by a striking theme based on Halloween. The background of the app has been dipped in pure black that conveys a glossy look with a huge blue power button, right in the middle of the screen.  At the bottom corner of the app, a black cat demonstrates the rating sign, while a cauldron full of green bubbling material is titled as, “more”. On the opposite side, a carved Halloween pumpkin supports a “share” label.

Pressing the blue power button, allows the app to enhance the volume level of various items available in the device. It boosts up the alarm sound, the music sound level, SMS, email and call alerts along with the keypad noise. As the bar proceeds with its boosting, it shows the following increases:

  • Increasing Alarm sound volume
  • Increasing DTMF volume
  • Increasing Music volume
  • Increasing Notifications volume
  • Increasing Ring sound volume
  • Increasing System volume
  • Increasing Voice call volume

After the above sections have been given a boost, the blue power button turn into red, depicting the boost is ready for use. And yes, the difference in the volume levels is dramatic!

The music sounds better, the ringing volume gets better, the voice of the other person while hearing a call undergoes a drastic change. Isn’t this the perfect solution for any mobile phone that does not possess a good audio system?

Without even investing any money, the sounds of the entire device can be improved. However, if anyone is not satisfied with the level of the performance of the boosted articles, by pressing the red power button, the volume levels can be reversed.

Volume BoosterWith only one click, the volume level of every article can be returned back to its normal state. No doubt the application is a great step towards prosperity, but the only thing it lacks is the option to upgrade specific items. If this possibility is delivered to the app, which allows the users to select only the items they wish to upgrade, the app would be more than just perfect.

The last feature of the app that cannot be forgotten, the creepy pumpkin offers the chance to share the app through various paths such as email, SMS, whatsapp, Dropbox, Skype, social networks and even directly through WI-Fi.

share viaThe application supplies the best volume boosters available in town, along with its capacity to be shared among peers – what more can anyone ask for?

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