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5 Best Image Editors for Windows to Give your Photos a New Life

Posted in Tools & gadgets10 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on 5 Best Image Editors for Windows to Give your Photos a New Life

My 3rd tutorial is about best photo editing software available on internet to edit your images in a desired way. These photo editing tools can help you to create, edit and reshape your images. Here are 5 best photo editing software chosen by experts.


Photobie is a powerful image editor that comes as a freeware. Apart from supporting a number of filters including Photoshop, 8BF filter, Photobie offers numerous handy tools. Layer managing option allows users to perform editing easily in layers, it also includes advanced screen capturing tool and many other useful features such as color replacement, photo browsing with multiple images, scrapbook options, existing templates etc. Photobie is a must have for users fairly new at editing whereas as professionals can get a few tasks done quite quickly.



Pixie started off as a drawing program for anime and manga creators which later on developing into a much powerful graphics editor. Pixia includes a number of thoughtfully integrated tools for sketching, 2D art and touch ups. A collection of brushes, filters, masks and layer support are featured every expert and beginner would find beneficial alike.




InkScape targets full support for Scalable Vector Graphic file formats. The program is similar in function to Illustrator and CorelDraw with a wide variety of expert-based features comprising of markers, clones, object manipulation and transformations, text support, rendering and other in depth editing options. This cross-platform service works on Microsoft Windows, OS X and Unix-like OS.


InkScapeXn View

Xn View is a highly convenient graphic editor that supports up to 400 image file formats and includes language change option with 44 languages. This option is accessible through the file menu. The software is a fast graphics editor capable of writing IPTC metadata. With Xn View you can develop slide shows, web pages, Contact sheets and Strip of images.


Xn ViewFastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer offers all the tools needed in a standard image editor, browser and convertor supported file formats including JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PCX and many others. Users can enjoy editing in full screen mode where hidden toolbars can be accessed by moving the mouse cursor to the four edges.


FastStone Image Viewer

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