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How to Create a Recovery/Repair USB Drive in Windows 10

Posted in Windows9 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on How to Create a Recovery/Repair USB Drive in Windows 10

I’m sure you have heard from people around in your circle that they lost 100% of their data because their Windows OS got corrupted. According to Mozy, 140k US citizens lost their hard drive data every week, OMG that’s a huge figure. Some data recovery tools can recover data from folders and drives but they need a healthy working Windows OS to recover the deleted files, in case of corrupt Windows they are helpless. The only thing that can recover Windows data and can make it survive from being dead is Windows data recovery drive.

Windows 10 USB Recovery Drive


If you create a data recovery drive with a built in tool in Windows 10, you can restore your Windows to previous state in case of OS or hard disk failure. I always prefer to create a USB recovery drive rather than DVD/CD recovery disc because it’s difficult to protect DVD/CD disc from scratches and normally they are useless after few years. But you should use a spare USB drive to make a repair disk because in the recovery creation process, all of your data will be wiped off.

In which Situations you can use this recovery drive?

  • To boot corrupt and unbootable Windows.
  • To run Windows in safe mode.
  • To repair Windows corrupt installation files.
  • To use command prompt without entering your Windows desktop screen.
  • To restore Windows with Windows backup image.
  • To refresh and reset your Windows OS.

Let’s start the step by step guide to create a recovery or repair USB drive in Windows 10.

1: Connect a USB flash drive that has enough space to take backup(Minimum 8GB of space). Go to your Windows 10 search bar, that is placed below the Windows start menu, or press “Win+S” to open the search bar. Search “recovery”. From the search results click “create a recovery drive”.

Search recovery

2: Under the recovery window, there is an option to “Backup system files to recovery drive” check this box(Normally the box is ticked already) and click on next button. Your PC will start detecting the connected USB drive and after few minutes of searching, it will start showing you connected USB drives, select your desired one and click next.

Backup system files

3: On the next window it will warn you that everything will be deleted from the selected flash drive, ignore this message and click “Create” button and it will start creating recovery drive.

everything will be deleted message



Your USB recovery drive is ready now, detach it from your PC and keep it on a safe place.

Recovery drive is ready

The process will take time and do not touch anything in the recovery tool during this process. The time of creation will depend upon your Windows OS’ size and data in your computer. Now whenever your Windows 10 will go corrupt, just connect this recovery drive and run PC in safe mode or restore it.