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How to Open Restricted Websites on Android by Changing your IP Address?

Posted in Android10 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on How to Open Restricted Websites on Android by Changing your IP Address?

There is no doubt about the endlessness of the internet and its unlimited benefits. The easy access it provides for every aspect of the universe and the bountiful information which can be gathered in an instant, is a proof of the merits of the internet.

Hide IP on AndroidHowever, the IP address of a computer leaves a lot of space for technical forces to track the roots of an internet connection and the computer. The anonymity of a person fails to work at this point, thus, the clause of privacy fails to apply in this case.

In addition to this, different countries have diverse sets of rules which they use to block certain websites using the IP addresses.

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This dilemma hinders users to thoroughly explore the internet, and to access the area they wish to. Not only does this act as an obstacle to a users’ research, but is extremely frustrating!

Over the time, various applications and software have been introduced that help in fighting off the barriers and also allows the users to surf the internet anonymously to protect their privacy. “Hideman VPN” is such an application, which provides you with numerous benefits. The application is available for Windows, iOS, MacOS and of course, Android.

HideManThe hideman app for android shows your IP address, your current location. But when you press the connect button, it connects you through the application, allowing you to roam the realm of internet with complete anonymity.

The VPN grants you the ultimate chance to become a faceless figure in the unrelenting mass of the huge number of people crossing the boundaries of the internet.

Every data accessed on the internet by individuals or companies can be given is tinged with the colors of privacy with the VPN connection provided by this app. The fear of your every move being tracked diminishes by this easy and fast installation.

Another great feature delivered by the app is the removal of barriers and trafficking on various websites. Any website that might have been banned in your country, or is unapproachable due to some reasons, can be accessed with the help of this application.

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The application can be accessed by choosing a country from a number of choices provided. The automatically connecting option connects to the internet from the country chosen, as soon as the application begins.

Hideman VPN offers the safest and the most reliable package for internet security in a few simple clicks. Without any fuss, an internet connection can be forged which will hide your identity perfectly.

Moreover, the app gives 5 free hours that be pursued by the user at any time. The five hours can be accessed one by one, at any time it suits the user.

After this the user has to purchase the application at the given price. The app can be used on kind of device, phone or notebook or tablets. For this purpose, the internet connecting platform can be of the choice of the user; it can be either a wireless connection or a phone service provided internet connection.

The application is not only a great way to surf the internet without even appearing on the face of the liberal social world, but it provides numerous other opportunities. Using it is not only beneficial, but is also fun and extremely easy.

Install Hideman VPN here [Google play store link]