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Add Hibernate Option in Win+X & Power Menu of Windows 8.1 [How To]

Posted in Windows11 years ago • Written by Jenny Aaron2 Comments

Hibernation is one of the most important functions of Windows that enables the RAM contents to be copied to the hard disk. When you restart your system, the memory content is reloaded same like it was running before the process of shutdown. Suppose, there were seven open documents when you hibernate your system, when you restart your system, it will surely resume the same seven documents before you. So, you can continue your work where you had left it before going to hibernate your system.

There are a lot of changes Microsoft has done in Windows 8.1. Some of these changes are pleasant, but a few of them are too annoying. One of these annoying change is the absence of Hibernate option from the Power menu. You cannot find this option enabled by default. If you want to use Hibernate option, you need to activate it in Windows 8.1.

Here is a way for the users of Windows 8.1 to Activate this option that has been mentioned below. You just need to follow a few steps to enable it.

Steps to Enable Hibernate Option in Windows 8.1

Step 1: Your system tray has a “battery” icon that should be clicked. It will show some options where you need to select the option “More Power Options”.

Enable Hibernate Option in Windows 8.1Step 2: The menu of “Power Options” will appear before you where you need to click the option “Choose what the power buttons do” as it has been shown in the image below.

Enable Hibernate Option 2Step 3: Now in “System Settings” menu you need to click the option “Change Settings that are currently unavailable”.

Enable Hibernate Option 3Step 4: You will be led towards the settings page where you can activate the Hibernate option after scrolling the page down. Once you check the box before “Show Hibernate”, you need to click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the window.

Enable Hibernate Option 4Step 5: Now open the charms bar by clicking the “dash” that appears at the bottom of your desktop to the right corner. Click on the Settings option that will open some menus before you. Here, in Power menu you will find the “Hibernate” option that shows you have successfully activated it in Windows 8.1.

Hibernate Option in Power Menu LastSo, you have successfully activated the option of Hibernate in your Windows 8.1.