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Best GPS Tracking Devices for Cars – Honest Reviews

Posted in Tools & gadgets9 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on Best GPS Tracking Devices for Cars – Honest Reviews

I think the valuable things for any citizen are house and car, isn’t it correct? because a common man wastes a major part of his life in purchasing these two things. What thing is more insecure between these two? of course the car because nobody can snatch away your house from you except earthquakes. I’ve personally found GPS trackers the best devices to protect your cars and other vehicles from being theft, a GPS(Global Positioning System) is designed to track the location of anything that is carrying that GPS device; you can get real-time location of your vehicle and also it tells you exact location of your cars, motorcycles and any other thing, read more about GPS on Wikipedia.

Best GPS Tracking Devices

Undoubtedly, other tracking systems and devices work well to protect a car but in many cases you don’t have access to your car’s location and also the systems are normally huge in sizes so thieves can find them easily and can cut the wires. I would prefer a portable, small sized GPS tracker device that allows me to track my car by myself. The good thing about this kind of GPS tracking device is that it will be cheap and also you can set it up by yourself, so you’ll save the setup cost too.

Using these gadgets is best in the below listed situations:

  • Your car isn’t in your hands i.e. your daughter or son is driving it.
  • You’re running a car renting business and you need to track your client and car both’s location all the time, because you can’t trust any client.
  • You’re running a Limousine or airport taxi business and you need to track your car drivers all the time.
  • You’re running a private flight training centre and you want to track the Airplanes all the time.
  • You want to make your car secure from thieves and snatchers.
  • Your girlfriend doesn’t know how to drive and takes your car for a long drive, obviously you can’t stop her from taking it away but you can track her. kidding :D.

After going through lots of products I thought to write an honest review about GPS tracking devices available in the market. I’m not using any of them, but have extracted a trustworthy piece of information from users’ reviews and comments.

Let’s have a quick cum excellent review of some of the GPS trackers especially designed for cars.

GPS Tracking Devices Reviews

Sourcingbay® [$37.43 with Free Shipping]

You can use this device with any casual voice and SMS facility enabled cellphone. This GPS device isn’t weatherproof, you have to buy some additional cover for it if you want to use it on your motorcycle or for your dog. You can track and monitor your car on real-time basis and also you can get past locations’ data from it. You don’t need to buy any other third party tracking service because this device works incredibility with any famous SIM card. This device is not only workable in United states but also you can use it all over the World.

Sourcingbay GPS Tracking Device Black

Not only you can track your car but you can jam it in case of theft, there are two different options to stop the car, the first one is to just stopping it on any speed(This can be harmful option for car and the driver) and the second is to stop the car when it comes down from 25km/hour; I would prefer the option two if there is no serious theft issue with the car. For further protection of this device, there is a fuse in it to protect it from any unexpected circumstances. There is no PDF manual for it but you can use the below given installation manual of a identical device to install Sourcingbay GPS tracker in your vehicle.

To get access to PDF installation manual click here.

Read More about it and Buy it from here.