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Get these Paid Apps for Free; CloudMagic, Extreme Contacts, Fruit Linking, PDF Max S for Dropbox and Learning Letters Unconsciously

Posted in Apple10 years ago • Written by Jenny AaronComments Off on Get these Paid Apps for Free; CloudMagic, Extreme Contacts, Fruit Linking, PDF Max S for Dropbox and Learning Letters Unconsciously

There are various apps you can download for your iPhone or iPad once you pay for them. Although the price is minor, but you have to make a payment to avail them. Now you can download a number of apps for free for your iPhone and iPad. Below are some of those free apps you can get free for limited time.

CloudMagic (Save $9.99)

CloudMagic1An outstanding award winning app to work with Google apps, Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud and various other email accounts. You can connect all of your email accounts with CloudMagic and it will manage all of them in an organized way. Your data security of iPhone or iPad is ensured with the help of a passcode that can be set anytime. Whenever you get a new email, you will get a push notification, i.e. an alert to let you know regarding new email. Earlier its price was $9.99 and currently it is available for free.

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Click Here to download.

Extreme Contacts (Save $0.99)

Extreme Contacts-2

This advanced app has been specifically designed for a better contact management on iDevices. You can sort out your contacts by names, by categories and even by grouping. If you want to search any contact, its quick filter gives you more convenience. Another wonderful feature of Extreme Contacts is Retina Display Support that gives it a unique quality. Its regular price is $0.99, but currently it is available for free for short time.

Click Here to download.

Fruit Linking (Save $14.99)

Fruit Linking 3

If you want your baby to learn the names of different fruits and to differentiate among them quickly, it’s the best app for you. Although it is specifically built for the kids who are in learning age, but it is fun for the adults too in various ways. It gives pleasure as well as learning to your kids and they quickly learn which fruit they are picking and what are its qualities. Its regular price is $14.99, but you can avail this app absolutely free now. This app is available in English and Chinese languages for the time being.

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Click Here to download

PDF Max S for Dropbox (Save $4.99)

PDF Max S for Dropbox

As the name suggests, you can view and review your PDF files by using this app. While viewing and making some mark-ups in your PDF file you have to wait to be synced if you are viewing a hundred pages document. This is not the case with PDF Max S for Dropbox. It gives you the solution of all of your problems you face while viewing and reviewing PDF files. It has been built with Delta Sync algorithm that’s one of the finest among all available. If you want to add signature at the end of your PDF document, you can do with the help of signature tool. You can download it for free, the app’s regular price is $4.99. This is a limited time offer for the users so hurry to avail it.

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Learning Letters Unconsciously (Save $14.99)

Learning Letters Unconsciously5

This app is especially for toddlers who are in learning process. If your child loves playing and does not pay attention on learning letters, this app will teach him letters unconsciously. He will be playing game and meanwhile he will be learning letters. Once the kid picks a picture of any Letter, the software reads it loudly and unconsciously the child learns it. Its earlier price was $14.99, but currently it is also available in the list of free apps for iPhone and iPad. So, rush to grab it.

Click Here to download.