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How to Forget a Saved Wifi Network in Windows 10

Posted in Windows10 years ago • Written by Hammad Rafique10 Comments

Windows 10 will be launched in 2015 and I’m sure it’s going to be a big hit because of its user-friendly interface and additional features. Currently Windows 10 technical preview is available for testing purposes and you can Install it via USB on your PC if your PC meets Windows 10 requirements. Windows 10 technical preview is a beta version and betas always have bugs and problems in them. Although Microsoft is improving Windows 10 TP day by day by sending consistent updates, but there are still chances of errors in it. This technical preview is very much stable and I’m using it from the date of launch, currently my PC is running the latest build i.e. 9879 and it’s working just like an original copy.

It’s stable and any home user can use this version of Windows 10 but I’m having some problems with its Wfi connectivity. I’ve three different Wifi connection at my workplace and two of them don’t connect to my laptop with ease and show this of error “can’t connect to the network”, I need to forget those Wifi networks and when I reconnect with those forgotten networks again, they connect successfully. In Windows 8.1 it was easy to forget a saved network but Windows 10’s PC Settings and Wifi connectivity screens aren’t embedded in the taskbar; so it’s a bit difficult to find and forget the saved Wifi network.

This tutorial will help you to forget the Wifi network and connect with it again; just follow the below steps:

Step 1: Click on the Wifi networks icon available in the taskbar.

connection icon

Step 2: A window will pop out, click on “Network settings” icon and another separate window will open, that will show settings for your Wifi network.

Network Settings

Step 3: In the “Network settings” window you’ll find the the option to manage wifi settings, click on it.

manage wifi settings

Step 4: Under “Manage Wi-Fi Settings” window, scroll to the bottom and you’ll get a list of all available saved Wifi networks, click your desired one and click the “Forget” button.

forget Wifi

Step 5: To reconnect to that forgotten network, go back to “connections” tab and click on “Wifi” and save password for that forgotten network again.

It’s a simple solution you can try in case of Wifi connectivity issues, but remember if you forget a network, its password will be removed and you’ve to enter the password again to connect with that network. If you’re using someone else’s Wifi and don’t know its password then do not forget the network, otherwise you’ll have to request that person for the password again.