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How to Use “Find and Replace” Tool in Document (MS Word 2013)

Posted in Microsoft8 years ago • Written by Jenny AaronComments Off on How to Use “Find and Replace” Tool in Document (MS Word 2013)

“Find” and “Find and Replace” are two very important tools for the users of MS Word that have been also included in MS Word 2013. The user is able to search a word very quickly and can replace it according to its requirements if he wants to replace the word. Occasionally, you need to prepare some official or educational documents where by mistake you add some unwanted words in a few places. Later, you are reminded that the words should not be used as presently have been used. They should be used in some other way.

Now it is very difficult for you to go through the entire document if it consists of a lot of pages in order to find and replace the required words in it. Here, the option of “Find” and “Find and Replace” is greatly helpful for you. You just need to use this option to find out the word and replace it with a suitable word. Within a few seconds you would be able to see the replaced word in the entire document. If you were doing it manually, you would not be able to complete it during the whole day. So, thanks to this option that made your work easier and comfortable. Here is how you can use this option in MS Word 2013.

Step 1: Open the document in MS Word 2013 where you want to use the “Find and Replace” option. Now you will see “Home” menu at the very left side on the Ribbon of your document. You need to select this menu to show its categories.

Home optionStep 2: Now you will find an Editing category at the very end of these options where you should select “Advanced Find” option from the drop down list of “Find”.

Advanced FindStep 3: Once you click this option, the window of “Find and Replace” will appear before you. Here, you will see three tabs where the first tab can be used to show the “Find” menu. If you click it, you will see a box where you can type the word you want to search in the document. If you click the second tab “Replace” you will see two boxes. In the first box you need to insert the word you want to search in the entire document and in the second box you need to type the word you want to replace with the first one.

Find and Replace-3

Replace option-4