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Enable Beep sound of Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock in Windows 8.1

Posted in Windows10 years ago • Written by Jenny AaronComments Off on Enable Beep sound of Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock in Windows 8.1

There lie some specific keys on the keyboard that are not used frequently. These keys include NUM lock and Scroll Lock. Yet, Caps Lock is used by the people if they want to make a title or if they type a document and they need to type some capital letters, they need to use the Caps Lock key. These keys are called “Toggle Keys” in technical language.

In other words, the Toggle Keys basically consist of the Caps Lock, NUM Lock and Scroll Lock. Sometimes it happens with you guys accidentally that you start typing an important file or letter and by chance any of the above-mentioned Toggle Keys is pressed and you remain ignorant of this situation whether a key has been pressed.

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This problem can be avoided by following a very simple and quick way that has been brought to you by TechZend. You can enable the sounds of these keys in Windows 8.1. In this way you will know if accidentally or intentionally you press any of these keys.

Enable Sound of Toggle Keys in Windows 8.1 [Steps]

Step 1: Come to the desktop mode where you will see the Start button at the very left side at the bottom of the screen. Once you right-click this button, you will see a menu where you need to select the option “Control Panel to move on.

Turn Off SmartScreen Filter-1Step 2: In the Control Panel menu, you need to click the category “Ease of Access” that can be found at the end of the list as you can see in the screenshot below.

Toggle Keys Sound Enable in Windows 8.1-1Step 3: Now the next window appears before you where the first category is “Ease of Access Center”. In this category, you should select the “Change how your keyboard works” option.

Toggle Keys Sound Enable in Windows 8.1-2Step 4: In the next window, you will see various categories and options and the check boxes with them. Here, you will see an option “Turn on Toggle Keys” that should be checked. Now click “Apply” and “OK” to apply the settings.

Toggle Keys Sound Enable in Windows 8.1-3Now you have enabled the sounds of the Toggle keys successfully and whenever you touch any of these keys intentionally or unintentionally, you will hear a sound that will let you know that you have pressed a toggle key.