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Quick Ways to De-Activate User Account Control in Windows 8.1

Posted in Windows10 years ago • Written by Jenny Aaron2 Comments

User Account Control is a great feature that was initially added to Windows Vista by Microsoft and later its update was added to Windows 7 and Windows 8. This wonderful feature also exists in Windows 8.1. UAC is greatly beneficial for you because if you have set this feature on your system, it will not allow to install any application and to change the settings of your settings. Only the administrative user can make such changes in the system.

Although it is very useful for the security of your system, but still the cause of annoyance for some users who need to download and install software often. They cannot keep it in active state. Yet, it is unavoidable due to some security reasons, but you have to take the risks if this feature irritates you while you are downloading or installing software or if you are going to change some important settings in the system. So, here you will find some easy steps you need to follow to de-activate User Account Control in Windows 8.1.

Steps to Disable User Account Control in Windows 8.1

Step 1: To begin, you need to open “Control Panel”. You can open it by a right-click to the “Start” button where you will find the option Control Panel. Just click on it and it will take you to the Control Panel Menu.

Control Panel Option in Start Button 1Step 2: Here, you will see the option “System and Security”. Click on it to go ahead further.

Control Panel Menu 2Step 3: Now you will find here the option “Administrative Tools” that should be selected.

System and Security in Control Panel 3Step 4: In the menu of Administrative tools you will find “Local Security Policy” that should be selected.

Administrative Tool 4Step 5: Now in the left pane you will see the “Local Policies” option. Click on it and under this category you will find “Security Options”. As you double-click on it, you will see the list of options in the right pane. Scroll down to see all the options related to the “User Account Control. Disable once you find them.

Local Security Policy 5

Alternative Way

Step 1: You need to go to the “Control Panel” where you will see an option “User Accounts and Family Safety”. Click to enter its menu.

User Accounts and Family Security 1Step 2: Here you will see the option “User Accounts”. Click on it.

User Accounts 2ndStep 3: Now you will be in the menu of “User Accounts” where you need to select the option “Change User Account Control Settings” at the end of the list.

Account Settings 3rdStep 4: Here you see “Always notify” scale to the left side. Bring the cursor of the scale to the lowest level to disable the User Account Control in your system and click “OK” to save changes.

User Account Settings 4th