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Chroma, DailyPaper and Lockscreen Launcher [Tweaks Wrap-up July 31]

Posted in Apple9 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on Chroma, DailyPaper and Lockscreen Launcher [Tweaks Wrap-up July 31]

It’s techzend’s speciality to bring only those tweaks that are useful for iOS users indeed. My iPhone 5 looks very boring with default wallpaper and dull colors’ UI, I’ve got some jailbreak tweaks that have turned my iPhone 5 in a colorful device. Today’s tweaks wrap-up session contains three awesome tweaks that will fill colors in your iOS device, because these are related to UI colors, wallpapers and lockscreen. Let’s start this colorful article here:

Chroma [Free]

Chroma is simple and handy tweak that can change colors of your apps’ UI in just few seconds. Chroma works without lagging on all iOS devices. You can change colors of available buttons in apps, after enabling it, you are just required to set custom dark and light tint colors for this tweak. You can get it from modmyi repo free of cost, and configure it from settings.

Chroma jailbreak tweak

DailyPaper [Free]

Changing wallpapers in iOS device wasn’t that much easy before, because this incredible tweak changes your iOS device’s wallpapers automatically on daily basis. After performing few configuration DailyPaper will download a new wallpaper daily from Bing and will set it on your lockscreen and homescreen’s background.

DailyPaper Jailbreak Tweak

Below are some minor features of DailyPaper tweak:

  • DailyPaper will download wallpapers directly from Bing over Wifi too.
  • You can ask DailyPaper to download only high quality wallpapers from internet.
  • It’s up to you that where you want to set the downloaded wallpaper.
  • Set region for your device, DailyPaper will download wallpaper according to region’s time.
  • You can manually update the wallpaper with “Update Now” button available under settings.
  • Option to save downloaded image to camera roll is also available.

Lockscreen Launcher [0.99]

If your iDevice is only in your own use and nobody touches your device without your permission then Lockscreen Launcher tweak is a good option to save your time. Lockscreen Launcher launches apps directly from the lockscreen instantly. It allows you to select nine different apps and these selected apps will be shown on your iDevice’s lockscreen, just tap on the icon and enjoy the app. Privacy is always core, if you don’t want others to open your apps, you can use any good password protecting app like JRlocker, without entering password nobody will be able to open your apps from lockscreen as well as from homescreen.

Lockscreen Launcher Jailbreak Tweak

If you’ve any other free tweak that can perform tasks like Lockscreen Launcher can, then let me know via commenting on this article, I would love to share that tweak in this article.

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