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ChargingHelperPlus, BluePill, QuickFolders [Tweaks Wrap-up July 30]

Posted in Apple9 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on ChargingHelperPlus, BluePill, QuickFolders [Tweaks Wrap-up July 30]

Today’s tweaks wrap-up session contains tweaks that can help you in managing your battery life, in opening your folders quickly and to add more features in your Facebook messenger. All these jailbreak tweaks are for devices running iOS 7.x.x. So let’s start here:

ChargingHelperPlus [Free]

iOS devices’ batteries are important, especially in case of iPhone, because it’s not easy to change it by yourself like Samsung’e cell phones. To change a weak battery you’ve to open case of your iPhone and this process can take hours to complete; so it’s better to keep your battery healthy.

Very first factor that pushes a battery towards death is over charging. All gadgets makers recommend that one shouldn’t charge a device when its battery is fully charged, because of over charging, battery’s life goes down rapidly. ChargingHelperPlus helps you to know that how much time your battery will take to have a complete charge, when it’s on charging. Directly on lockscreen you’ll get notification of battery’s remaining charging time, and when your iDevice’s battery is full, ChargingHelperPlus will let you know via a alert.


Furthermore, if you turn on the full charge mode, the charge will be done rapidly than normal charge speed. You can configure notification’s color, alert type and also set the alert level. If you set the alert level 80%, it will alert you when your battery is 80 percent charged. ChargingHelperPlus is free of cost and available in Cydia via BigBoss repo. Some remarkable features of ChargingHelperPlus are below:

  • Current battery level with accuracy
  • Temperature
  • Remaining Time
  • Battery Health
  • Capacity
  • Voltage
  • Charger Output.

BluePill [$1.99]

Just like its name BluePill is also interesting, because it helps you to embed more features in your Facebook messenger. When you open Facebook messenger, VOIP service automatically starts running in background that consumes your battery life, simply turn it off to get long lasting battery. BluePill provides better search experience with graphs search feature, it helps you to search any person, page and other things on Facebook seamlessly.

The thing I hate is the uploading limit, I have unrestricted it on my WhatsApp with a simple tweak but on Facebook messenger BluePill breaks this six pictures limit and lets you upload unlimited photos.

When your friend sends you a message on Facebook, he knows that you’ve read his message with the help of “Seen” read receipts. You can simply turn this read receipt feature off in Facebook messenger via BluePill. Its stealth mode is just like WhatsApp+ tweak that helps you to remove read receipts, typing… blurb and online status.


Moreover, some secondary features of BluePill are listed below:

  • You can use your Facebook messenger in full screen mode.
  • Turn off word predictor while typing messages and status.

QuickFolders [$1.99]

With QuickFolders tweak you can better manage your apps under folders. QuickFolders animates your folder opening gesture astonishingly, you can turn it on via configuration of this tweak. Furthermore, you can choose your favorite gesture to open folders via this QuickFolders tweak.


All of the above tweaks are more than awesome, but I personally love BluePill and ChargingHelperPlus more because they are providing features according to users’ needs.

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