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Modify Start Screen Background in Windows 8.1 with Decor8

Posted in Windows11 years ago • Written by Jenny AaronComments Off on Modify Start Screen Background in Windows 8.1 with Decor8

Windows 8.1 has been launched with a range of amazing features and the users are still experiencing and discovering a lot of new things, features and functions in this latest update by Microsoft. Some users want to change the Start screen background in Windows 8.1 as they do not like monotony in their life by using the same old background on it. So, here you will find the detailed tutorial on this topic that can help you greatly in this context. You just need to follow a few instructions to do the task that seems a hard nut to crack to the users of Windows 8.1 as they are quite new to this platform and they do not know what and how to do. You do not need to waste much of your time to look here and there. Just follow the instructions below and the background of your Start screen would be changed according to your wish.

Change Start Screen Background 1Steps to Change Start Screen Background in Windows 8.1

Step 1: You can use a third-party tool for this purpose. This tool is known as Decor8 that is basically designed by Stardock for Windows 8 Start Screen. You can download it from here. Although it had been designed for Windows 8, but it works very well in Windows 8.1 too.

Step 2: Once you download it, you need to click the downloaded file to install it on your system.

setup of decor8Note: You will be asked to provide an email address where the verification link will be sent and you can use it only after clicking this verification link in your email box.

Step 3: After completing the process mentioned above, you will see the Decor8 tool will open on your screen. You will see a range of background images in Decor8 window. You can select an image of your choice that you want to see as a background of your Start Screen.

Stardock Decor8 PicturesIf you want to play a slide show, it can also be done by selecting time. If you want to apply single image and you want the system to automatically change it after one day or even one week, you can do it by opening the drop down menu of Time in it.

Change Start Screen Background 3