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Get iOS 8 Like Control Centre on iOS 7.x.x with Centrex

Posted in Apple9 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on Get iOS 8 Like Control Centre on iOS 7.x.x with Centrex

iOS 8 has completely changed the view of people who think that Apple’s iOS are outdated and copying features of Android. It’s reality that most of iOS 8 features are just like former versions of Android OS, but the primary difference is quality embedded in those features by Apple. Since iOS 8 beta 1 Apple has changed almost everything in iOS 8 beta 4 and these changes are admirable. The major features in iOS 8 were QuickReply, new notification centre, improved spotlight search and redesigned control centre.

iOS 8 like Control Centre

It’s human psyche that they want things before their launch, because it makes them prominent among others. If I ask you to get iPhone 6 in august with a premium of $200, you would love to get it before time, because you want to be different. Similarly users of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 7.x.x want features of iOS 8 on their device before its launch. But the only way to get all of the iOS 8 features on iOS 7 is to jailbreak device, and after that Cydia tweaks can help you to get iOS 8 like features. Below are some tweaks that can help you for this purpose:

Centrex [Free]


The major changes in iOS 8 control centre include removal of black borders from the control centre icons, furthermore if you turn on any service like Wifi, Bluetooth or airplane mode, the whole button of that enabled service becomes highlighted, while iOS 7 only highlights round borders. The final change is in the brightness icons, their colors are now dark while in iOS 7 they were white. Many webs were calling it a major change in iOS 8 control centre but according to users it was just a minor change. Centrex can provide you with these iOS 8 like control centre features in just one tap.

You’re not required to perform any configuration of this tweak, just find and install it from Cydia store. Moreover, I’ve noticed that it’s not successful in cloning iOS 8 control centre entirely, but it gives some feature of iOS 8 control centre; may be in the next update the developer of this tweak will add more features.

To make it work properly you should install a Winterboard theme called “iOS 8 Control Centre” from Cydia and if this tweak doesn’t work for you then close the control centre and re-call it, it will work fine.

Note: I’ve sent an email to developer of this tweak about the bugs and will update you when I shall receive any reply from him.

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