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Top 6 Free Photo Sharing and Editing Websites for Snap Shooters [Usage Guide]

Posted in Tools & gadgets9 years ago • Written by Jenny AaronComments Off on Top 6 Free Photo Sharing and Editing Websites for Snap Shooters [Usage Guide]

There are a lot of ways you can adopt to keep your photos online. You can access them sitting anywhere in the world. Techzend brings here the best and renowned 6 websites you can use for hosting your photos. You can use these websites for official as well as for personal use. Here is a brief description and usage instructions about these top 6 websites to share your photos.

Top 6 Free Photo Sharing Websites

#1: Picasaweb

Picasa is one of the most commonly used websites for keeping your photos online. You can use this amazing website free of cost. You just need a Gmail account to be registered for using its services. The website facilitates you for an auto-backup of your photos. It also gives you a wonderful service of Auto Enhance. This feature allows you to bring superb changes to your photos. It improves your photos and accentuates every important detail.

Your photos look much better if you use this feature. You can add animations and set your pictures in a panoramic style by using another surprising feature of Picasaweb. You can add smiles, HDR and Photobooth-style photos on Picasaweb. By using its Auto Highlights feature, you would be able to get all of your best and finest shots quicker and faster. Though the website is providing its services free of cost, but you need to get registered with a Gmail ID on it first.

Picasaweb-Upload Picture-1Click here to use it

#2: Imgur [Sharing + Editing]

Imgur is another renowned website that provides you the services of hosting your photos online. You can use it once you get registered on it. The site is absolutely free of cost. If you do not want to get registered on it, you can use it by using your Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Twitter account. Your photos remain private until you share them with someone. You can edit your images and delete all of the unnecessary photos anytime.

Imgur enables you to create easier and faster albums. You would have full control over your photo albums. You would be able to give them good titles and desired captions whether your account is personal or public. You can enjoy sharing countless pictures with all of your contacts. Imgur is not only getting popular among the people for personal use, but also for professional use.

This is how it works for the users

You just need to click the option “Computer” that is visible on the website for uploading the photos on Now browse the image from your computer and upload it to Imgur. It shows you the image thumbnail. You can enlarge it by clicking on it. Now edit according to your desire.

Imgur-Upload Picture-1

Imgur-Picture Uploaded-2Click here to use it

#3: Photobucket [Sharing + Editing]

If you are looking for the best and trustworthy online source to store, open, share or edit your photos, Photobucket is the perfect place for you. You can store all of your memorable pictures and videos at Photobucket and can share them with all of your contacts and family members without paying any fees. It is absolutely free for the users.

You can edit your photos and can add different landscapes, backgrounds and objects in your photos. You need to create an account on Photobucket before using it, but the users who have a Facebook account can upload pictures by using their Facebook account too. You can even add pictures from Facebook. With the free Photobucket account, you get 2 GB space for the photos.

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This is how it works

When you login by using your Facebook or Photobucket ID and password, you will see various options including Facebook, Computer and Web. You can use these options for uploading and adding pictures.

Photobucket-Uploading from Facebook-1Click here to use it

#4: Tinypic [Sharing + Editing]

TinyPic is a wonderful website that facilitates you to share videos and photos with your friends and fellow beings. It gives you a great ease to share and upload pictures. You can share the links and photos at on all of the online social communities including MySpace, Orkut, eBay and many other social networks. The users can edit the pictures according to their desire on Tinypic.

This is how you can use it

You will see “Choose File” option on the website that should be clicked to upload the photo and then browse pictures from the computer.

Once you have done so, you need to click the “Upload” button at the bottom of the page. Now you will see the picture on your screen. Give it a tag as you desire.

TinyPic Uploading-1

TinyPic Uploaded-2Click here to use it

#5: ImageShack

ImageShack is a wonderful and superb website that gives you the option to keep all of your great photos and videos online in the form of albums. You can share all these pictures if you want so, but some users want to keep their photos personal and ImageShack enables them to do so. It is quite trustworthy website that has provided the services of photo hosting for the last ten years.

You can get the registration of ImageShack free of cost by filling its Sign Up form. If you want to use it without registration, you can login with Facebook ID and password to upload photos and to create photo albums online in a very unique way.

This is how it works for you

First, you need to create an account on ImageShack. If you do not want to create an account, use your Facebook ID and use “Browse & Upload” on the website after creating an account. Now you will see the percentage line that updates you of the progress of your image uploading. Finally, your selected image appears before you as it has been shown in the screenshot below.

ImageShack-Uploading-1Now the photo appears on the screen.

ImageShack-Uploading-2Click here to use it

#6: Postimage [Sharing + Minor Editing]

Postimage is a great website that does not require registration. It facilitates you to upload images from your computer and from the web as well. You can resize larger images according to your desire. You can make different albums online by using Postimage.  It is seriously concerned about the security and privacy of the users regarding their personal and professional photo albums.

This is how it works

First, you need to click the option “Upload” and browse the photo from your computer. Now you should specify whether it is a “Family Safe” or “Adult Content”. Once you have done so, you need to click the option “Upload It”. The image will start uploading to the site.

Postimage-Upload-1Now the photo is uploaded and appears on the screen.

Postimage-Uploaded-2Click here to use it

If you have any other free photo sharing website, then let us know by commenting on this article.