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Five Best MP3 Players for True Music Lovers Under $160

Posted in Tools & gadgets9 years ago • Written by Jenny AaronComments Off on Five Best MP3 Players for True Music Lovers Under $160

Looking for some good wireless MP3 players? Here is the list of renowned MP3 players with advanced technology and latest specs for the users and even for the swimmers as well. I know there is no need to have a MP3 player, because mobile phones have taken their place. Though, Apple still produces iPod touch for music lovers, because any mobile phone can’t have intense music playing features that an MP3 player features in itself; because MP3 players are born to generate beats. Moreover, three of them are waterproof and you can use them under water undoubtedly. Furthermore, most of them have built-in FM radio. Select one of them according to the specifications given below.

Best MP3 Players [List Starts Here]

Apple iPod Nano (7th Generation) [Radio + 16GB]

Apple iPod nano 16gb

An astonishing MP3 Player with 2.5” colored LED screen that is one of the thinnest iPods of the world. You can enjoy not only your desired songs you have stored in it, but also can listen FM radio in it. It has a wonderful 16GB storage space to give you an excellent treasure of your favorite songs. The playback music can be continued up to 30 hours on it. It works very well with PC and Mac and can be purchased from Amazon in only $157.85.

Waterfi Waterproof [Waterproof + 2GB]

Waterfi Waterproof Apple Shuffle MP3 PlayerApple proudly presents a wonderful water-resist MP3 Player for music lovers. It is the best ever developed device for the swimmers as it works excellently underwater up to 210 feet. It is quite suitable for the swimmers of deep waters, and also for bathroom singers :p, they can use it while taking bath because water is a friend of it. You do not hear bulky noise of water waves around you, because it only throw clear music beats to your ears. It contains 2GB storage memory that enables you to store a variety of songs of your choice. Gives you a 15 hours playtime continuously as it contains Lithium Ion battery. It can be purchased in only $154.95 from all of the renowned online stores.

Sony Walkman NWZW273S [Waterproof + 4GB]

Sony Walkman

Sony is famous for its walkman devices, as in past it has introduced many mobile phones that were made especially for music enthusiasts, now it brings a grand MP3 Player for you with swimming ear-buds. It’s completely waterproof device that works amazingly 2 meter underwater. Now enjoy your favorite music while doing workouts, because there is no negative impact of sweat on it. It has a wider internal storage memory of 4 GB where you can store a variety of songs. A legendary sound system with multi-function tap system to change and play the song, one-tap folder opening and a quicker access to the playlist is now in your range. You can grab it in only $79.97 from any online shopping store.

Neptune MP3 Player [OLED + Waterproof + 4GB]

Neptune Walkman

Neptune is a higher quality MP3 Player with dynamic features for the users. It contains a high quality OLED screen to give you update regarding the currently playing song, the artist and the status about the percentage of song that is running. You can use it underwater as it has been specifically designed for the swimmers. The internal storage capacity of Neptune MP3 Player is upto 4GB that can store more than 1k songs. Isn’t it enough for you? It has absolute compatibility with iTunes. You can play songs for continuous 8 hours as it contains Lithium-Ion battery. You can buy it in only $111.02 with free shipping from Amazon.

SanDisk Sansa Clip [Radio + 4GB]


It’s another wonderful MP3 Player for the users who can use its 4GB storage capacity for storing upto 1000 songs. It can give you a playback of 15 hours that is wonderful playback time for the users who are true music lovers. You can enjoy FM radio on it too with up to 40 pre-sets, So, no song will be out of your access now. The price of this wonderful product makes you more amazed as it is available in only $34.95 from Amazon and many other online shopping stores.

All of the above MP3 players have been chosen by our staff members and some of them have used these personally, if you’ve any other MP3 player that is waterproof and features a radio in it, please let us know by commenting on this article.