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16 Best Video Editing Software of 2016 [Free & Paid]

Posted in Tools & gadgets7 years ago • Written by Hammad RafiqueComments Off on 16 Best Video Editing Software of 2016 [Free & Paid]

Nowadays, video editing is something that has become very familiar. Previously we noticed that only the professionals used to edit videos with sophisticated software that were difficult to operate. However, the trend has completely changed, because editing a video in the 21st century is as simple as dragging and dropping files into a folder. Today, we have endless video editing software being released daily in the market and coupling a few best of them with a decent camera can also make you a professional video maker in no time.

Best Video Editing Software

If I’m not wrong, now and then you find yourself with the need to edit a video or to craft a whole new from scratch. Whatsoever the reason might be, the thing that contributes towards a high-quality video that was edited professionally is by using the best video editing software. Of course, you cannot blindly trust any tool. Also picking up the right software for your video editing stuff can be a daunting task.

Given all these things, we are here again with an outstanding article on “16 Best Video Editing Software of 2016”. These tools have multiple formatting capabilities that meet your needs. Even more, they have advanced features like sharing, an ability to saving your videos to DVD, etc. Best of all, this list contains video editing software both for beginners and experts.

So, if you were looking for a trustable, professional and user-friendly video editing software, then here are 16 of the best of them. Also, the list includes both free and paid software. It’s up to you whether you want to give it a try, or take it to the professional level by unlocking full features.

Free Software

1: Lightworks

Lightworks is the basic video editing software that is compatible with multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, and OS X. It offers you stunning effects along with 3D LUTS having more than 40 preconfigures templates. This software supports all input video formats, and also gives the processed work in nearly all forms. Some of its outstanding features include unlimited video and audio tracks, linear timecode display, HD support, storyboard mode, advanced user-friendly tools, color correction and visual effect routine and many more. Best of this software is free to Download, but the pro version is also available.

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2: Cinelerra

Cinelerra is only compatible with Linux. But editing videos in Cinelerra is quite easy. You can add professional effects to your video with its powerful features that have been simplified with a simple UI. Some of its outstanding features include the real-time processing, OPENGL, Codecs, render farm, floating point, 64-bit computing, high-quality output, all formats supported and many others. You can Download it today for your system!

3: Pitivi

Pitivi is a free video editing tool with an intuitive user interface and outstanding features. However, it runs only on the Linux operated systems. Pitivi supports all video formats, and its features include multi-tracking editing, HD support, NDE, unlimited audio and video tracks, linear timecode display, easy to navigate options, high quality, and professional editing, etc. Download it today from the official website.

4: Kdenlive

Another free video editing software. Kdenlive is an open source software made for Linux, MAC, and FreeBSD. This software has powerful features that produce high-quality video results. Although the dashboard has too many options and buttons, they are very easy to understand and implement. With this software, you can add special transition effects to your video. Moreover, it also allows multi-track editing that is simply great. Some of the other features of Kdenlive include storyboard mode, two video tracks and four audio tracks, linear timecode display, NDE and much more. Download it today from the official website.

5: ivsEdits

ivsEdits offers you the most flexible non-linear editing software you can ever have. It works smoothly on the Windows platform and is free to download. If you are not willing to spend too much time fussing your head with editing stuff, then this is the software you need. It offers a user-friendly interface with simple drag and drop options. Other enticing features include multi-camera editing, various video effects, real-time I/O, hardware integration and more. Download today from the Official website.

6: Windows Movie Maker

Nonetheless, one of the handiest and easy to use video editing software for editing videos. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can add cool effects to your videos like transitions, light effects, subtitles, popups, etc. It supports any Windows compatible media format for videos and has many other features. As a matter of fact, Windows Movie Maker is perfect for the beginners. Download it today from the official Microsoft website.

7: AVS Video Editor

The AVS video editor is one of the most advanced editors that supports various video formats like VI, VOB, MP4, DVD, WMV, 3GP, MOV, MKV, etc. It lets you trim, cut, split, merge, rotate and even mix multiple videos together to produce a single one. You can also add audio, text, subtitle, and menus. There are many other desirable features like correcting the shaky recordings, share your video on social media, enjoy the multilingual support, etc. and much more. Download today from the official website.

8: Adobe Premiere Elements 11

Well, if you are an Adobe Suite user then this software will sound quite familiar to you. When we say Adobe, it means you are using something that stands out from all other software. With the Adobe Premiere Elements 11, you can easily edit your videos, snap them, add different styles, enhance the videos, add transition effects, themes, titles and much more than you can think. Moreover, you can easily organize and share your videos on social media accounts and show the world your professional video editing skills. Download Today!

9: Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3

Here is something that many of the Apple Users will be familiar. This video editing tool is extraordinarily fast and has a intuitive user-friendly interface with lots of options that lets you customize your media. There are many tools within this software that allows you to edit professionally and quickly your video as you wish to. However, the only drawback is that this software doesn’t let you import projects from the previous versions without using any third party plugin. Grab it from the official website of iTune.

10: iMovie 11

As the name resembles, the iMovie 11 has been specially made for the MAC users. This video editing software easily edits your videos by offering you a drag and drop functionality making the cropping and customization work a lot easier for you. Whenever you make any changes to your video, it lets you view them live instantly. This feature is great because it allows you to figure better out what more to add or cut from the video. Surely, iMovie is the easiest way to edit your videos professionally at a very reasonable price. Download Today!

11: Corel VideoStudio Pro X6

Corel has always been fascinating us with its excellent tools. This cheap, yet a very handy software features motion tracking, enhanced screen capture utility, cool transition effects, 4K Ultra HD video support, lets you create HTML5 interactive web movies and much more. The videos produced or edited by the Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 are engaging and of high quality. The user-friendly interface makes the editing process a lot easier for you. You can use all of your creativity inside this fantastic tool and produce a perfect and highly customized video. Download today!

12: CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector is one of the fastest means of rendering your videos quickly. It has a very user-friendly interface with tons of features like loading effect, multi-cam editing, 3D and 4K capabilities. Moreover, there are specialized action cam tools inside it along with motion tracking screen recording. However, if you are a total beginner, the interface may seem a bit involved, but you will get used to it once started. This tool supports all video formats! Download it from the official website.

13: Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio has been the most popular software for video editing purpose. This tool is available for Windows users. It features boasts a simply drag and drop editing interface, free training, royalty free tracks, cool transitions, nice effects and many others waiting for you to use them. This software supports AVI, MVC, QuickTime, MKV, HDV, etc. input formats while the output formats include DVD, MPEG-4, MP4, QuickTime, and MKV. Download it today and start editing your videos.

14: Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus

The Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus has a dark interface, and it supports the 4K files as well. There are tons of video effects inside with powerful tools and other options like multi-cam, trailers like movie templates, audio settings, and disc authoring and more than 100 templates. Though the rendering steps are quite slow, the results are just outclassed. This is by far among the best video editing software that has been on the market for long. It supports all video formats and is a native 64-bit video editing programs. You will need 4GB of memory on your system to fully enjoy it features. Download today and enjoy the magic of Magix.

15: Sony Movie Studio

The advance Sony Movie Studio offers 4K video editing features and tons of effects along with cool transitions and plugin compatibilities. It has powerful digital movie manipulation features, but you have to buy the full version to avail all of its benefits. He trial only gives you a tiny glimpse of what you will get in the full version. A few users have reported that they faced slow editing performance, especially when converting videos. However, the developers are working to resolve this issue completely. Download the trial from the official website today.

16: Avid Media Composer 7

Finally, we have the Avid Media Composer 7 with a wealth of enhanced features that includes support for all type of video formats, automatic media management, 3D and 4K video support, a very user-friendly interface, outstanding transition effects, social sharing capabilities, speed, accuracy and best of all the results are just outstanding. However, the price tag might freak out the beginners, so if you have a good budget, only then opt in for Avid Media Composer 7. But, one thing is for sure, you will get what you pay for, and it’s worth buying the Avid Media Composer 7. Download it from the official website.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Do let us know which tool you prefer the most. Don’t forget to leave your feedback in comments.