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Best RTIC Coolers (Jan. 2017) – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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You might be a traveler just like me and if you also travel hot places and want your ice to stay up for long period then a best RTIC cooler is your friend indeed.

Before starting reviews of RTIC coolers I’d like to tell you my story. Last summer when I was travelling with friends, my friend asked me to keep all the cold drinks with me because we were travelling for 3 days and I kept them in my cooler with lots of ice in it. After a few hours when we reached our destination I noticed that there were some leakage in my cooler’s bag and I thought that it’s normal. My friends asked me to check but I said “relax fellas, I’ve put lots of ice in the cooler and it’s not gonna be warm anytime soon”.

We started our bonfire and the weather was hot, I took out all the cold drinks’ cans and OMG!! All of the drinks were warm and all the ice became melt and my friends pissed me off because of what happened.

So, later I decided to buy a RTIC cooler because my MOM recommended me this one. She said it’s a well-known and excellent brand for coolers.

RTIC Cooler Reviews 2017

RTIC 30 Soft Pack (Keeps Ice up to 5 Days!)

RTIC 30 Soft Pack

This RTIC 30 Soft Pack can carry 30 cans of drinks along with lots of ice in it; ice wouldn’t melt for five days and also cans will remain cool too. Moreover, it’s bag isn’t a casual one, if the water comes out of the cooler, the zipper wouldn’t allow it to flow out. In case of heavy ice in the cooler, casual coolers start sweating and make everything wet that’s near to them but this one isn’t going to sweat in any case. Another reason of not sweating, leaking and keeping ice/drinks cool for 5 days is that it has 2 inches of foam placed inside its body.

RTIC 30 oz. Tumbler

RTIC 30 oz. Tumbler

I apologize if this selection annoys you but its features and the “Best Seller” tag forced me to add it in the list. It’s not like other coolers, it’s just like a bottle to carry liquid or ice in it. The Tumbler will keep the cold stuff cold and hot solutions hot. It’s also available in 10oz, 12oz, 20oz and 30oz capacity sizes. This 30oz tumbler can keep your ice up for 24 hours, and it’s best for school going kids and other office going people because the duration suites best to them. BTW I’d not recommend it for long term camping. Don’t worry about its durability, it’s not easy breakable because it’s made of stainless steel and also have a double wall vacuum insulation to keep temperature maintained.

RTIC Cooler (RTIC 45 Tan)

RTIC 45 Tan


This one is huge in capacity and can make your ice last longer than expected. You can carry upto 12 gallon of water/ice in it and it will make them cool for 10 days. It’s features aren’t like the top RTIC product but it’s incredible in such a low price. The body is made of rotational molding principles and it’s the primary reason that it can keep things cool for 10 days. You can also lock your stuff safely with its in built locking system, no one else would be able to open your cooler in spite you.

RTIC Soft Pack Cooler – Camouflage (Size: 20 Cans)

Soft Pack Cooler - Camouflage

It’s shape and designs is perfect for camping and hunting, the army costume like body makes it cool. It’s smaller than the above RTIC coolers but not too small, it has a capacity to carry 20 cans of cold drinks and also lots of ice. It’s zipper is also water proofed and wouldn’t leak in any case and also it it will keep the ice up for 5 days with no external wall sweating. Not just its shape looks rock hard but it’s actually a durable product with a nylon shell puncture.

Obviously there are other RTIC coolers too but I just picked the top ones according to users’ ratings and comments. If you think that this list should have any other cooler, then let me know via comments, I’ll surely add it in the list.

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